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Hewlett Foundation Awards Grant to Development Research Group

November 30, 2006 - The research program, managed by the Development Research Group, is open to all staff in the World Bank's Development Economics Vice Presidency, and to all partnerships between that unit and other parts of the Bank. The program guidelines—available upon request—lay out the research domains, approaches, development and governance structure, and selection criteria and process for studies.

The Program aims to engender more evidence-based research on how reproductive choices and demographic changes affect poverty and socioeconomic outcomes in developing countries.     

Research domains

  • How do reproductive choices affect socioeconomic outcomes at the individual and household levels, such as the productivity and labor force participation of women, household income and savings, and investments in children’s health and schooling?
  • What are the economywide implications of demographic changes in developing countries for economic performance, income distribution, and the incidence of poverty?
  • Applying proven and innovative analytical approaches that address recognized methodological problems of simultaneity bias and causality, at the household level and at the national and subnational levels. 
  • Improving data for exploring the relationships between demographic changes and a range of socioeconomic impacts. 
  • Evaluating policies and programs and their effects.
  • Supporting collaboration between the researchers and operations staff within the Bank and between Bank researchers and researchers in developing countries.
  • Disseminating research results broadly through publications, presentations, and the Development Research Group's web page.


  • The program’s governance structure encourages wide participation of researchers within the Bank and ensures that the studies selected for funding meet research standards expected of the Development Research Group's output and the development objectives of the Bank and the Hewlett Foundation.
  • The Development Research Group will be responsible for administering the Program, with overall supervision by Martin Ravallion, Director of Research, Development Research Group.

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