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Research Department
Director of Research: Asli Demirguc-Kunt

Research Teams


Agriculture and Rural Development Francisco Ferreira
Development Impact Evaluation (DIME)Arianna Legovini
Environment and Energy Michael Toman 

Finance and Private Sector

Bob Cull

Macroeconomics & Growth

Luis Serven 

Human Development and Public ServicesAdam Wagstaff

Poverty & Inequality

Francisco Ferreira

Trade and International IntegrationAaditya Mattoo 




World Development Reports 

2018: Realizing the Promise of Education for Development

Deon Filmer and Halsey Rogers

2017: Governance and the LawLuis F. Lopez-Calva and Yongmei Zhou
2016: Internet for DevelopmentUwe Deichmann and Deepak Mishra
2015: Mind, Society, and BehaviorKarla Hoff and Varun Gauri
2014: Managing Risk for Development Norman V. Loayza
2013: JobsMartin Rama
2012: Gender Equality and DevelopmentAna Revenga and Sudhir Shetty
2011: Conflict, Security, and Development Nigel Roberts and Sarah Cliffe
2010: Development in a Changing ClimateMarianne Fay and Rosina Bierbaum
2009: Reshaping Economic GeographyIndermit Gill
2008: Agriculture and DevelopmentDerek Byerlee and Alain De Janvry

Archives of earlier WDRs



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