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Shaohua Chen

Lead Statistician

SHAOHUA CHEN is a Senior Statistician in the Development Economics Research Group of the World Bank. She manages the Global Poverty database and all developing countries’ poverty, inequality estimations at the World Bank since 1991. Her research has focused on poverty and inequality measurement, and program/policy impacts evaluation. 

Before joining the World Bank, she was the lecturer of business school of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. She received her Master's Degree in Statistical Computing from American University. 

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Benefit incidence with incentive effects, measurement errors and latent heterogeneity
2 .Measuring the real size of the World economy : the framework, methodology, and research of the International Comparison Program (ICP)
3 .More relatively-poor people in a less absolutely-poor world
4 .Weakly relative poverty
5 .The World Bank economic review 23 (2)
6 .The developing world is poorer than we thought, but no less successful in the fight against poverty
7 .China is poorer than we thought, but no less successful in the fight against poverty
8 .Dollar a day revisited
9 .Are there lasting impacts of aid to poor areas ? Evidence from rural China
10 .Absolute poverty measures for the developing world, 1981-2004
11 .New evidence on the urbanization of global poverty
12 .Di Bao : a guaranteed minimum income in urban China?
13 .China's (uneven) progress against poverty
14 .China's (uneven) progress against poverty
15 .The World Bank research observer 19 (2)
16 .How Have the World's Poorest Fared Since the Early 1980s?
17 .The World Bank economic review 18 (1)
18 .Hidden impact ? Ex-post evaluation of an anti-poverty program
19 .Household welfare impacts of China's accession to the World Trade Organization
20 .Measuring pro-poor growth
21 .China's growth and poverty reduction - trends between 1990 and 1999
22 .How did the world's poorest fare in the 1990s ?
23 .When economic reform is faster than statistical reform - measuring and explaining inequality in rural China
24 .The World Bank economic review 11 (2)
25 .What can new survey data tell us about recent changes in distribution and poverty?
26 .Is poverty increasing in the developing world?

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