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John S. Wilson

Lead Economist

JOHN WILSON is a Lead Economist in the International Trade group in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. He joined the Bank in 1999 and spent two years in the Bank's Infrastructure Vice Presidency. Mr. Wilson currently directs research on trade costs, business facilitation, and economic development. He also provides expertise in lending operations and has worked on projects in the Latin America, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, and Eastern and Central European regions. Mr. Wilson was also the co-task manager for the Bank on the establishment of the inter-agency Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF). Prior to joining the Bank, he was Vice President for Technology Policy at the Information Technology Industry Council in Washington, D.C. from 1995-99. He has also been a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for International Economics, a Senior Staff Officer at the U.S. National Academies of Sciences and Engineering and National Research Council, and Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University. He has degrees from Wooster College and Columbia University in New York.

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .The effect of product standards on agricultural exports from developing countries
2 .Food standards and exports : evidence from China
3 .Unfinished Business? The WTO's Doha Agenda
4 .Aid to the services sector : does it affect manufacturing exports ?
5 .Foreign aid and business bottlenecks : a study of aid effectiveness
6 .Do private inspection programs affect trade facilitation ?
7 .Aid for trade : building on progress today for tomorrow's future
8 .Export performance and trade facilitation reform : hard and soft infrastructure
9 .Time as a determinant of comparative advantage
10 .Aid for trade facilitation
11 .Beyond the information technology agreement : harmonization of standards and trade in electronics
12 .Weathering the storm : investing in port infrastructure to lower trade costs in East Asia
13 .Expanding trade within Africa : the impact of trade facilitation
14 .Governance, corruption, and trade in the Asia Pacific region
15 .Why trade facilitation matters to Africa ?
16 .Trade facilitation in ASEAN member countries : measuring progress and assessing priorities
17 .Assessing the potential benefit of trade facilitation : A global perspective
18 .Trade facilitation and economic development : measuring the impact
19 .Dirty exports and environmental regulation : do standards matter to trade?
20 .Liberalizing trade in agriculture : developing countries in Asia and the post-Doha agenda
21 .To spray or not to spray? - pesticides, banana exports, and food safety
22 .Global trade and food safety - winners and losers in a fragmented system
23 .A race to the top? A case study of food safety standards and African exports
24 .Politica de comercio, normas y desarrollo en Centroamerica
25 .Trade policy, standards, and development in Central America
26 .Quantifying the impact of technical barriers to trade : a framework for analysis
27 .The onchocerciasis control program in West Africa : a long-term commitment to success

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