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Adam Wagstaff

Research Manager

ADAM WAGSTAFF is Research Manager of the Human Development & Public Services team in the Development Research Group. He holds a DPhil in economics from the University of York (U.K.). Before joining the Bank, he was a Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex. He was an associate editor of the Journal of Health Economics for 20 years, and has published extensively on a variety of aspects of the field, including: health financing and health systems reform; health, equity and poverty; the valuation of health; the demand for and production of health; efficiency measurement, and illicit drugs and drug enforcement. Much of his recent work has been on health insurance, health financing, vulnerability and health shocks, and provider payment reform. He has extensive experience of China and Vietnam, but has worked on countries in Africa, Latin America, S Asia, and Europe and Central Asia, as well as other countries in E Asia. Outside health economics, he has published on efficiency measurement in the public sector, the measurement of trade union power, the redistributive effect and sources of progressivity of the personal income tax, and the redistributive effect of economic growth. 

The list below is of World Bank working papers and publications. You can also see (and in some cases download) other publications by this author.  

World Bank Research Dataset

Deposit Insurance dataset (2013)
Why do emerging markets borrow short term? Data files

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Benefit incidence analysis : are government health expenditures more pro-rich than we think ?
2 .System-wide impacts of hospital payment reforms : evidence from central and eastern Europe and central Asia
3 .Health financing and delivery in Vietnam : looking forward
4 .Reforming China's rural health system
5 .Social health insurance vs. tax-financed health systems - evidence from the OECD
6 .Fungibility and the impact of development assistance: evidence from Vietnam's health sector
7 .Measuring financial protection in health
8 .Europe and Central Asia's great post-communist social health insurance experiment : impacts on health sector and labor market outcomes
9 .Extending health insurance to the rural population : an impact evaluation of China's new cooperative medical scheme
10 .Health insurance for the poor : initial impacts of Vietnam's health care fund for the poor
11 .Social health insurance reexamined
12 .Social health insurance reexamined
13 .Health Service Delivery in China: A Literature Review
14 .Health systems in East Asia : what can developing countries learn from Japan and the Asian tigers ?
15 .Can insurance increase financial risk ? The curious case of health insurance in China
16 .Do health sector reforms have their intended impacts ? The World Bank's Health VIII project in Gansu province, China
17 .Health shocks in China : are the poor and uninsured less protected ?
18 .The economic consequences of health shocks
19 .Decomposing changes in income inequality into vertical and horizontal redistribution and reranking, with applications to China and Vietnam
20 .Health insurance impacts on health and non-medical consumption in a developing country
21 .Health facility surveys : an introduction
22 .Poverty and survival prospects of Vietnamese children under Doi Moi
23 .Inequalities in health in developing countries - swimming against the tide?
24 .Inequality aversion, health inequalities, and health achievement
25 .Causes of inequality in health : who are you? where do you live? or who your parents were?
26 .On decomposing the causes of health sector inequalities with an application to malnutrition inequalities in Vietnam
27 .Measuring equity in health care financing - reflections on (and alternatives to) the World Health Organization's fairness of financing index