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George R.G. Clarke

GEORGE CLARKE is currently a member of the Investment and Growth team in the Development Research Group and the Regional Program on Enterprise Development (RPED) team in the Africa Private Sector Group.  Since joining the World Bank in 1996, George's work has focused on privatization, competition and regulation of infrastructure and banking and on the investment climate. He has contributed to Investment Climate Assessments in several countries including Bangladesh, Lesotho, Mali, Peru, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania and was a core member of the team responsible for the WDR 2005: A Better Investment Climate for Everyone . His research has been published in several books and academic journals including the Journal of Law and Economics, the Journal of Public Economics, and the Journal of Development Economics. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Rochester.

The author's works below are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. You can also download other documents by this author.

World Bank Research Dataset

Trade Flows and Trade Disputes dataset
Deposit Insurance dataset (2013)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .The internet as a general-purpose technology : firm-level evidence from around the world
2 .Business environment, economic agglomeration and job creation around the world
3 .External finance and firm survival in the aftermath of the crisis : evidence from Eastern Europe and Central Asia
4 .Relatorio sobre o desenvolvimento mundial 2005 : um melhor clima de investimento para todos
5 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le monde 2005 : un meilleur climat de l'investissement pour tous
6 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
7 .New tools for studying network industry reforms in developing countries : the telecommunications and electricity regulation database
8 .Has the internet increased trade? Evidence from industrial and developing countries
9 .Informe sobre el desarrollo Mundial 2005 : un mejor clima de inversion para todos
10 .World development report 2005 : a better investment climate for everyone
11 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
12 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
13 .World development report 2005: a better investment climate for everyone
14 .Finance and income inequality : test of alternative theories
15 .The World Bank research observer 18 (1)
16 .Universal(ly bad) service - providing infrastructure services to rural and poor urban consumers
17 .Ownership, competition, and corruption : bribe takers versus bribe payers
18 .Bank lending to small businesses in Latin America : does Bank origin matter?
19 .Does foreign bank penetration reduce access to credit in developing countries " evidence from asking borrowers
20 .Foreign bank entry - experience, implications for developing countries, and agenda for further research
21 .Bank privatization in Argentina : a model of political constraints and differential outcomes
22 .Bridging the digital divide - how enterprise ownership and foreign competition affect Internet access in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
23 .How the quality of institutions affects technological deepening in developing countries
24 .The World Bank economic review 15 (1)
25 .A transitory regime : water supply in Conakry, Guinea
26 .Reforming water supply in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire : mild reform in a turbulent environment
27 .The welfare effects of private sector participation in Guinea's urban water supply
28 .New tools and new tests in comparative political economy - the database of political institutions
29 .Provincial bank privatization in Argentina : the why, how, and "so what"?
30 .The effect of foreign entry on Argentina's domestic banking sector
31 .Why privatize? : the case of Argentina's public provincial banks
32 .The political economy of privatization : an empirical analysis of bank privatization in Argentina
33 .More evidence on income distribution and growth

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