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7276Doing the survey two-step : the effects of reticence on estimates of corruption in two-stage survey questionsKaralashvili,Nona; Kraay,Aart C.; Murrell,Peter2015/05
7269Women managers and the gender-based gap in access to education : evidence from firm-level data in developing countriesAmin,Mohammad; Islam,Asif Mohammed2015/05
7267World Bank policy lending and the quality of public sector governanceSmets,Lodewijk; Knack,Stephen2015/05
7266On the sustainable development goals and the role of Islamic financeAhmed,Habib; Mohieldin,Mahmoud; Verbeek,Jos; Aboulmagd,Farida Wael2015/05
7263The local economic impacts of resource abundance : what have we learned ?Aragona,Fernando M.; Chuhan-Pole,Punam; Land,Bryan Christopher2015/05
7261Was Weber right ? the effects of pay for ability and pay for performance on pro-social motivation, ability and effort in the public sectorBanuri,Sheheryar; Keefer,Philip E.2015/05
7259The republic of beliefs : a new approach to ?law and economics?Basu,Kaushik2015/05
7256Global poverty goals and prices : how purchasing power parity mattersJolliffe,Dean Mitchell; Prydz,Espen Beer2015/05
7254The dark side of disclosure : evidence of government expropriation from worldwide firmsLiu,Tingting; Ullah,Barkat; Wei,Zuobao; Xu,L. Colin2015/05
7252Data deprivation : another deprivation to endSerajuddin,Umar; Uematsu,Hiroki; Wieser,Christina; Yoshida,Nobuo; Dabalen,Andrew L.2015/04
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