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7381Climate-informed decisions: the capital investment plan as a mechanism for lowering carbon emissionsWhittington,Jan; Lynch,Catherine2015/07
7379Lower bounds on inequality of opportunity and measurement errorBalcazar Salazar,Carlos Felipe2015/07
7371A new cross-national measure of corruptionEscresa,Laarni; PICCI, LUCIO2015/07
7367The impacts of trade facilitation measures on international trade flowsde S� Porto,Paulo C.; Canuto,Otaviano; Morini,Cristiano2015/07
7366Transport policies and developmentBerg,Claudia N.; Deichmann,Uwe; Liu,Yishen; Selod,Harris2015/07
7363Global liquidity and external bond issuance in emerging markets and developing economiesFeyen,Erik H.B.; Ghosh,Swati R.; Kibuuka,Katie; Farazi,Subika2015/07
7360Use of catastrophe risk models in assessing sovereign food security for risk transferSharmamMohan; Hohl,Roman2015/07
7359Linking risk models to microeconomic indicators2015/07
7358Using probabilistic models to appraise and decide on sovereign disaster risk financing and insuranceLey-Borr�s,Roberto; Fox,Benjamin Daniel2015/07
7357The indirect cost of natural disasters and an economic definition of macroeconomic resilienceHallegatte,Stephane2015/07
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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