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7181Correlates of success in World Bank development policy lendingMoll, Peter; Geli, Patricia; Saavedra, Pablo2015/01
7178Sustainability of solar electricity : the role of endogenous resource substitution and market mediated responsesSteinbuks, Jevgenijs; Satija, Gaurav; Zhao, Fu2015/01
7174Estimating parameters and structural change in CGE models using a Bayesian cross-entropy estimation approachGo, Delfin S.; Lofgren, Hans; Mendez Ramos, Fabian; Robinson, Sherman2015/01
7172Gender inequality and growth: the case of rich vs. poor countriesAmin, Mohammad; Kuntchev, Veselin; Schmidt, Martin2015/01
7163Entrepreneurship and the allocation of government spending under imperfect marketsIslam, Asif2015/01
7160SME exchanges in emerging market economies : a stocktaking of development practicesHarwood, Alison; Konidaris, Tanya2015/01
7158The global trade slowdown: cyclical or structural ?Constantinescu, Cristina; Mattoo, Aaditya; Ruta, Michele2015/01
7157Impact evaluation helps deliver development projectsLegovini, Arianna; Di Maro, Vincenzo; Piza, Caio2015/01
7156Firm heterogeneity and costly trade: a new estimation strategy and policy experimentsCherkashin, Ivan; Demidova, Svetlana; Kee, Hiau Looi; Krishna, Kala2015/01
7152Born with a silver spoon : inequality in educational achievement across the worldBalcazar, Carlos Felipe; Narayan, Ambar; Tiwari, Sailesh2015/01
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