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7041How do countries measure, manage, and monitor fiscal risks generated by public-private partnerships? Chile, Peru, South Africa, TurkeyAslan, Cigdem; Duarte, David2014/09
6647Can e-filing reduce tax compliance costs in developing countries ?Yilmaz, Fatih; Coolidge, Jacqueline2013/10
6567Is small better ? a comparison of the effect of large and small dams on cropland productivity in South AfricaBlanc, Elodie; Strobl, Eric2013/08
6563Bank financing of SMEs in five Sub-Saharan African countries : the role of competition, innovation, and the governmentBerg, Gunhild; Fuchs, Michael2013/08
6173Shelter from the storm -- but disconnected from jobs : lessons from urban South Africa on the importance of coordinating housing and transport policiesLall, Somik V.; Brink, Rogier van den; Dasgupta, Basab; Leresche, Kay Muir2012/08
5585The impact of export tax incentives on export performance : evidence from the automotive sector in South AfricaMadani , Dorsati H.; Mas-Guix, Natalia2011/03
5388Poverty, living conditions, and infrastructure access : a comparison of slums in Dakar, Johannesburg, and NairobiGulyani, Sumila; Talukdar, Debabrata; Jack, Darby2010/07
4083Water allocation strategies for the Kat Basin in South Africa : comparing negotiation tools and game theory modelsDinar, Ariel; Farolfi, Stefano; Patrone, Fioravante; Rowntree, Kate2006/12
4042Mobilizing urban infrastructure finance within a responsible fiscal framework : South African casevan Ryneveld, Philip2006/11
3989Infrastructure and growth in South Africa : direct and indirect productivity impacts of 19 infrastructure measuresFedderke, Johannes W.; Bogetic; Zeljko2006/08
[1] 234
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