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4694Does child labor always decrease with income ? an evaluation in the context of a development program in NicaraguaDel Carpio, Ximena V.2008/08
4512Does participation in productive associations signal trust and creditworthiness ? evidence for NicaraguaAngel-Urdinola, Diego F.; Molina, Ezequiel2008/02
3850Do regional trade pacts benefit the poor ? An illustration from the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement in NicaraguaBussolo, Maurizio; Niimi, Yoko2006/02
3621Assessing the impact of the investment climate on productivity using firm-level data : methodology and the cases of Guatemala, Honduras, and NicaraguaEscribano, Alvaro; Guasch, J. Luis2005/06
3323Investment climate and international integrationDollar, David; Hallward-Driemeier, Mary; Mengistae, Taye2004/06
2993Dealing with the coffee crisis in Central America - impacts and strategiesVarangis, Panos; Siegel, Paul; Giovannucci, Daniele; Lewin, Bryan2003/03
2993Region centroamericana la crisis cafetalera : efectos y estrategias para hacerle frenteVarangis, Panos; Siegel, Paul; Giovannucci, Daniele; Lewin, Bryan2002/07
2752Investment and income effects of land regularization : the case of NicaraguaDeininger, Klaus; Chamorro, Juan Sebastian2002/01
26452The World Bank economic review 16 (2)Bourguignon, Francois [editor]; Reinhart, Carment; Kaminsky, Graciela; Schmukler, Sergio L.; Balzorotti, Veronica; Falkenheim, Michael; Powell, Andrew; Rawlings, Laura B.; Schady, Norbert R.; Chase, Robert S.; Newman, John; Pradhan, Menno; Ridder, Geert; Coa, Ramiro; Evia, Jose Luis; Paxson, Christina2002/01
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Display Result in sets of: 102050