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ReportDocument TitleAuthor or SenderDate
8214Economic growth in guinea and how to accelerate itMijiyawa,Abdoul Ganiou2017/10
7843Intergenerational education mobility in Africa : has progress been inclusive ?Azomahou,Theophile T.; Yitbarek,Eleni Abraham2016/09
7196Orphans and Ebola : estimating the secondary impact of a public health crisisEvans, David K.; Popova, Anna2015/02
4961Working long hours and having no choice : time poverty in GuineaBardasi, Elena; Wodon, Quentin2009/06
4743Assessing the geographic impact of higher food prices in GuineaCoulombe, Harold; Wodon, Quentin2008/10
4245A poverty-focused evaluation of commodity tax optionsEssama-Nssah, B.2007/06
2883Assessing the distributional impact of public policyEssama-Nssah, B.2002/09
2513Do state holding companies facilitate private participation in the water sector? evidence from Cote d'Ivoire, the Gambia, Guinea, and SenegalKerf, Michel2000/12
2362A transitory regime : water supply in Conakry, GuineaMenard, Claude; Clarke, George2000/06
2361The welfare effects of private sector participation in Guinea's urban water supplyClarke, George; Menard, Claude; Zuluaga, Ana Maria2000/06
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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