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3903Labor supply, school attendance, and remittances from international migration : the case of El SalvadorAcosta, Pablo2006/04
3069International migration, remittances, and the brain drain ; a study of 24 labor exporting countriesAdams, Richard H. Jr.2003/06
2993Dealing with the coffee crisis in Central America - impacts and strategiesVarangis, Panos; Siegel, Paul; Giovannucci, Daniele; Lewin, Bryan2003/03
2993Region centroamericana la crisis cafetalera : efectos y estrategias para hacerle frenteVarangis, Panos; Siegel, Paul; Giovannucci, Daniele; Lewin, Bryan2002/07
26451The World Bank economic review 13 (3)Bourguignon, Francois [editor]; King, Elizabeth M.; Orazem, Peter F.; Jimenez, Emmanuel; Sawada, Yasuyuki; Kim, Jooseop; Alderman, Harold; Wohlgemuth, Darin; Tan, Jee-Peng; Lane, Julia; Lassibille, Gerard; Ferreria, Francisco H. G.; Litchfield, Julie A.; Milanovic, Branko; Jovanovic, Branko; Hakim, Guillermo; Miranda, Javier1999/09
2164TF028271 - IDF-TUNISIA STRENG. THE CENTRE D'ETUDESEskeland, Gunnar S.; Lewis, Maureen; Traa-Valerezo, Ximena; Lewis, Maureen*Eskeland, Gunnar S.*Traa-Valerezo1999/08
1958Total strangers or soul mates? - antidumping and competition policies in Latin America and the CaribbeanRajapatirana, Sarath; Guash, J. Luis; Guash, J. Luis*Rajapatirana, Sarath1998/08
1709Poverty comparisons with non-compatible data: theory and illustrationsLanjouw, Peter; Lanjouw, Jean Olson; Lanjouw, Jean Olson*Lanjouw, Peter1997/01
1519Payment systems in Latin America : a tale of two countries - Colombia and El SalvadorListfield, Robert; Montes-Negret, Fernando; Listfield, Robert*Montes-Negret, Fernando1995/10
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