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7614Deal or no deal : strictly business for China in Kenya ?Sanghi,Apurva; Johnson,Dylan Conte2016/03
7570Building a competitive city through innovation and global knowledge : the case of Sino-Singapore Suzhou industrial parkZeng,Zhihua2016/02
7509Hub-periphery development pattern and inclusive growth : case study of Guangdong provinceLuo,Xubei; Zhu,Nong2015/12
7491Domestic value added in exports: theory and firm evidence from ChinaKee,Hiau Looi; Tang,Heiwai2015/11
7459Are the children of uneducated farmers doubly disadvantaged ? farm, nonfarm and intergenerational educational mobility in rural ChinaEmran,M. Shahe; Sun,Yan2015/10
7457Pension coverage for parents and educational investment in children: evidence from urban ChinaMu,Ren; Du,Yang2015/10
7454Dual credit markets and household access to finance : evidence from a representative Chinese household surveyCull,Robert J.; Gan,Li; Gao,Nan; Xu,L. Colin2015/10
7442The impact of China?s slowdown on the Asia Pacific region : an application of the GVAR modelInoue,Tomoo; Kaya,Demet; Ohshige,Hitoshi2015/10
7396The impact of vocational schooling on human capital development in developing countries : evidence from ChinaLoyalka,Prashant Kumar; Huang,Xiaoting; Zhang,Linxiu; Wei,Jianguo; Yi,Hongmei; Song,Yingquan; Shi,Yaojiang; Chu,James2015/08
7389Impact of property rights reform to support China?s rural-urban integration : village-level evidence from the Chengdu national experimentDeininger,Klaus W.; Jin,Songqing; Liu,Shouying; Shao,Ting; Xia,Fang2015/08
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