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7155The rise of China and labor market adjustments in Latin AmericaArtuc, Erhan; Lederman, Daniel; Rojas, Diego2015/01
7138Wage growth, landholding, and mechanization in Chinese agricultureWang, Xiaobing; Yamauchi, Futoshi; Otsuka, Keijiro; Huang, Jikun2014/12
7080Village political economy, land tenure insecurity, and the rural to urban migration decision : evidence from ChinaGiles, John; Mu, Ren2014/11
7062Performance of renewable energy auctions : experience in Brazil, China and IndiaElizondo Azuela, Gabriela; Barroso, Luiz; Khanna, Ashish; Wang, Xiaodong; Wu, Yun; Cunha, Gabriel2014/10
7054Water quality, brawn, and education: the rural drinking water program in ChinaXu, Lixin Colin; Zhang, Jing2014/10
6973Learning dynamics and support for economic reforms : why good news can be badvan Wijnbergen, Sweder; Willems, Tim2014/07
6960The domestic segment of global supply chains in China under state capitalismTang, Heiwai; Wang, Fei; Wang, Zhi2014/06
6926Who will feed China in the 21st century ? income growth and food demand and supply in ChinaFukase, Emiko; Martin, Will2014/06
6892The impact of a pay-for-performance scheme on prescription quality in rural China : an impact evaluationSun, Xiaojie; Liu, Xiaoyun; Sun, Qiang; Yip, Winnie; Wagstaff, Adam; Meng, Qingyue2014/05
6874Urbanization as opportunityFuller, Brandon; Romer, Paul2014/05
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