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7952Long-term growth scenarios for BangladeshSinha,Rishabh2017/01
7951Costing household surveys for monitoring progress toward ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperityKilic,Talip; Serajuddin,Umar; Uematsu,Hiroki; Yoshida,Nobuo2017/01
7946Death scares : how potential work-migrants infer mortality rates from migrant deathsShrestha,Maheshwor2017/01
7945Get rich or die tryin' : perceived earnings, perceived mortality rate and the value of a statistical life of potential work-migrants from NepalShrestha,Maheshwor2017/01
7950Breaking into tradables : urban form and urban function in a developing cityVenables,Anthony J.2017/01
7949Taxing the good ? distortions, misallocation, and productivity in Sub-Saharan AfricaCirera,Xavier; Fattal Jaef,Roberto N.; Maemir,Hibret Belete2017/01
7948How is the slowdown affecting households in Latin America and the Caribbean ?Calvo-Gonzalez,Oscar; Castaneda Aguilar,Raul Andres; Farfan Bertran,Maria Gabriela; Reyes,German Jeremias; Sousa,Liliana Do Couto2017/01
7947Deep integration and UK-EU trade relationsMulabdic,Alen; Osnago,Alberto; Ruta,Michele2017/01
7944Pedagogy versus school readiness : the impact of a randomized reading instruction intervention and community-based playgroup intervention on early grade reading outcomes in TongaMacdonald,Kevin Alan David; Brinkman,Sally Ann; Jarvie,Wendy; Machuca-Sierra,Myrna; Mcdonall,Kristen Andrew; Messaoud-Galusi,Souhila; Tapueluelu,Siosiana; Vu,Binh Thanh2017/01
7943Gender-differentiated impacts of tenure insecurity on agricultural performance in Malawi's customary tenure systemsDeininger,Klaus W.; Xia,Fang; Holden,Stein Terje2017/01
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