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8192Could the debate be over ? errors in farmer-reported production and their implications for the inverse scale-productivity relationship in UgandaGourlay,Sydney; Kilic,Talip; Lobell,David2017/09
8191Optimal targeting under budget constraints in a humanitarian contextGigliarano,Chiara; Verme,Paolo2017/09
8190Preferential trade agreements and global value chains : theory, evidence, and open questionsRuta,Michele2017/09
8189Shelter from the storm ? household-level impacts of, and responses to, the 2015 floods in MalawiMccarthy,Nancy; Kilic,Talip; De La Fuente,Alejandro; Brubaker,Josh2017/09
8188Natural disaster damage indices based on remotely sensed data: an application to IndonesiaSkoufias,Emmanuel; Strobl,Eric; Tveit,Thomas Breivik2017/09
8187The impact of digital technologies on routine tasks : do labor policies matter?Almeida,Rita Kullberg; Corseuil,Carlos H. L.; Poole,Jennifer Pamela2017/09
8186Moving out and up : panel data evidence on migration and poverty in UgandaMensah,Edouard Romeo; O'Sullivan,Michael B.2017/09
8185A bit far ? geography, international economic agreements, and foreign direct investment : evidence from emerging marketsGomez-Mera,Laura; Varela,Gonzalo J.2017/09
8184When is the government transfer multiplier large ?Giambattista,Eric; Pennings,Steven Michael2017/09
8183Investigating the transmission channels behind Dutch disease effects: lessons from Mongolia using a CGE modelShaukat Khan,Tehmina; Gottschalk,Jan2017/09
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