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8243FDI spillovers and high-growth firms in developing countriesReyes,Jose Daniel2017/11
8242Women's entrepreneurship : how to measure the gap between new female and male entrepreneurs?Meunier,Frederic; Krylova,Yulia; Ramalho,Rita2017/11
8241SME financeAyyagari,Meghana; Demirguc-Kunt,Asli; Maksimovic,Vojislav2017/11
8240Korea's growth experience and long-term growth modelJeong,Hyeok2017/11
8239Gender and enterprise development in Sub-Saharan Africa : a review of constraints and effective interventionsCampos,Francisco Moraes Leitao; Gassier,Marine2017/11
8238Learning the impact of financial education when take-up is lowLara Ibarra,Gabriel; Mckenzie,David J.; Ruiz Ortega,Claudia2017/11
8237Financial development, growth, and crisis: is there a trade-off ?Loayza,Norman V.; Ouazad,Amine; Ranciere,Romain2017/11
8236Small firm death in developing countriesMckenzie,David J.; Paffhausen,Anna Luisa2017/11
8235Charting the diffusion of power sector reforms across the developing worldFoster,Vivien; Witte,Samantha Helen; Banerjee,Sudeshna Ghosh; Vega Moreno,Alejandro2017/11
8234Public procurement regulation and road qualityDjankov,Simeon; Ghossein,Tania; Islam,Asif Mohammed; Saliola,Federica2017/11
8233Labor adjustment costs across sectors and regionsVargas Da Cruz,Marcio Jose; Milet,Emmanuel Michel Stephane; Olarreaga,Marcelo2017/11
8232The impact of large-scale migration on poverty, expenditures, and labor market outcomes in NepalShrestha,Maheshwor2017/11
8231How much oil is the Islamic state group producing ? evidence from remote sensingDo,Quy-Toan; Shapiro,Jacob N.; Elvidge,Christopher D.; Abdel Jelil,Mohamed; Ahn,Daniel P.; Baugh,Kimberly; Hansen-Lewis,Jamie Nicole; Zhizhin,Mikhail2017/10
8230Marital trajectories and women's well-being in SenegalLambert,Sylvie; Van De Walle,Dominique; Villar,Paola2017/10
8229What are the effects of expanding a social pension program on extreme poverty and labor supply ? evidence from Mexico's pension program for the elderlyAvila Parra,Clemente; Escamilla Guerrero,David Ricardo2017/10
8228Productivity and health : alternative productivity estimates using physical activityAkogun,Oladele B; Dillon,Andrew S.; Friedman,Jed; Prasann,Ashesh; Serneels,Pieter Maria2017/10
8227Regressive or progressive ? the effect of tobacco taxes in UkraineFuchs Tarlovsky,Alan; Meneses,Francisco Jalles2017/10
8226Roads and the geography of economic activities in MexicoBlankespoor,Brian; Bougna Lonla,Theophile; Garduno Rivera,Rafael; Selod,Harris2017/10
8225Prospects of estimating poverty with phone surveys : experimental results from SerbiaBoznic,Vladan; Katayama,Roy Shuji; Munoz,Rodrigo; Takamatsu,Shinya; Yoshida,Nobuo2017/10
8224Political economy of reformKhemani,Stuti2017/10
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