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7981Horizontal depth : a new database on the content of preferential trade agreementsHofmann,Claudia; Osnago,Alberto; Ruta,Michele2017/02
7851Strategic investment funds : opportunities and challengesHalland,Havard; Noel,Michel; Tordo,Silvana; Kloper-Owens,Jacob Jameel2017/02
7979Agriculture in Africa -- telling myths from facts : a synthesisChristiaensen,Luc2017/02
7980Public mosquito abatement : a cluster randomized experimentThuilliez,Josselin; Dumont,Yves2017/02
7978Does vertical specialization increase productivity ?Constantinescu,Ileana Cristina; Mattoo,Aaditya; Ruta,Michele2017/02
7977A firm of one's own : experimental evidence on credit constraints and occupational choiceBrudevold-Newman,Andrew Peter; Honorati,Maddalena; Jakiela,Pamela; Ozier,Owen2017/02
7976How is the internet changing labor market arrangements ? evidence from telecommunications reforms in EuropeVazquez,Emmanuel Jose; Winkler,Hernan Jorge2017/02
7975Growth (but not only) is good for the poor : some cross-country evidence to promote growth and shared prosperity in HaitiBelo Da Silva Antoine,Kassia; Singh,Raju; Wacker,Konstantin M.2017/02
7974Assessing the accuracy of electricity demand forecasts in developing countriesSteinbuks,Jevgenijs2017/02
7973Dynamics of child development : analysis of a longitudinal cohort in a very low income countryGalasso,Emanuela; Weber,Ann; Fernald,Lia C. H.2017/02
7972Are capital flows fickle? Increasingly ? and does the answer still depend on type?Eichengreen,Barry J.; Gupta,Poonam; Masetti,Oliver2017/02
7971Government guarantees, transparency, and bank risk-takingCordella,Tito; Dell'Ariccia,Giovanni; Marquez,Robert2017/02
7970Recovery from conflict : lessons of successMueller,Hannes Felix; Piemontese,Lavinia; Tapsoba,Augustin2017/02
7969Estimating poverty using cell phone data : evidence from GuatemalaHernandez,Marco; Hong,Lingzi; Frias-Martinez,Vanessa; Frias-Martinez,Enrique2017/02
7968Distribution of consumption expenditure in East AsiaJirasavetakul,La-Bhus Fah; Lakner,Christoph2017/02
7967Foreign banks and trade: bridging the information gap ?De Nicola,Francesca; Tan,Shawn Weiming2017/02
7966Toward labor market policy 2.0 : the potential for using online job-portal big data to inform labor market policies in IndiaNomura,Shinsaku; Imaizumi,Saori; Areias,Ana Carolina; Yamauchi,Futoshi2017/02
7965Push and pull : a study of international migration from NepalShrestha,Maheshwor2017/02
7964Services in the trans-pacific partnership : what would be lost?Gootiiz,Batshur; Mattoo,Aaditya2017/02
7963The impact of mass bed net distribution programs on politics : evidence from TanzaniaCroke,Kevin2017/02
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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