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8153Natural resources, institutions, and economic growth : the case of NigeriaRaggl,Anna Katharina2017/07
8152Rental regulation and its consequences on measures of well-being in the Arab Republic of EgyptLara Ibarra,Gabriel; Mendiratta,Vibhuti; Vishwanath,Tara2017/07
8151A proximity-based approach to labor mobility in CGE models with an application to Sub-Saharan AfricaLofgren,Hans; Cicowiez,Martin2017/07
8150Poverty-specific purchasing power parities in AfricaDikhanov,Yuri M.; Hamadeh,Nada; Vigil Oliver,William; Degefu,Tefera Bekele; Song,Inyoung2017/07
8149Regulating water and sanitation network services accounting for institutional and informational constraintsCamos Daurella,Daniel; Estache,Antonio2017/07
8148Measuring women's agencyDonald,Aletheia Amalia; Koolwal,Gayatri B.; Annan,Jeannie Ruth; Falb,Kathryn; Goldstein,Markus P.2017/07
8147Measuring time use in development settingsSeymour,Greg; Malapit,Hazel Jean; Quisumbing,Agnes R.2017/07
8146Measuring ownership, control, and use of assetsDoss,Cheryl; Kieran,Caitlin; Kilic,Talip2017/07
8145Productivity in the non-oil sector in Nigeria : firm-level evidenceHerrera,Santiago; Kouame,Wilfried Anicet Kouakou2017/07
8144Arm's-length trade : a source of post-crisis trade weaknessLakatos,Csilla; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte2017/07
8143Pension funds and the impact of switching regulation on long-term investmentPedraza Morales,Alvaro Enrique; Fuentes,Olga; Searle,Pamela; Stewart,Fiona Elizabeth2017/07
8142Predicting school dropout with administrative data: new evidence from Guatemala and HondurasAdelman,Melissa Ann; Haimovich,Francisco; Ham,Andres; Vazquez,Emmanuel Jose2017/07
8141Can job training decrease women?s self-defeating biases ? experimental evidence from NigeriaCroke,Kevin; Goldstein,Markus P.; Holla,Alaka2017/07
8140Evidence for a presource curse ? oil discoveries, elevated expectations, and growth disappointmentsCust,James Frederick; Mihalyi,David2017/07
8139Distributional impact analysis: toolkit and illustrations of impacts beyond the average treatment effectBedoya Arguelles,Guadalupe; Bittarello,Luca; Davis,Jonathan Martin Villars; Mittag,Nikolas Karl2017/07
8138Mission impossible? exploring the promise of multiple imputation for predicting missing GPS-based land area measures in household surveysKilic,Talip; Yacoubou Djima,Ismael; Carletto,Calogero2017/07
8137Taxation without representation ? experimental evidence from Ghana and Uganda on citizen action toward taxes, oil, and aidde la Cuesta,Brandon; Milner,Helen V.; Nielson,Daniel Lafayette; Knack,Stephen2017/07
8136Pension funds, capital markets, and the power of diversificationStewart,Fiona Elizabeth; Despalins,Romain; Remizova,Inna2017/07
8134Land productivity and plot size : is measurement error driving the inverse relationship ?Desiere,Sam; Jolliffe,Dean Mitchell2017/07
8135Global inequality in a more educated worldAhmed, S. Amer; Bussolo,Maurizio; Vargas Da Cruz,Marcio Jose; Go,Delfin Sia; Osorio-Rodarte,Israel2017/06
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