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6920Why has energy efficiency not scaled-up in the industrial and commercial sectors in Ukraine ? an empirical analysisHochman, Gal; Timilsina, Govinda R.2014/06
6647Can e-filing reduce tax compliance costs in developing countries ?Yilmaz, Fatih; Coolidge, Jacqueline2013/10
6544Are mega-farms the future of global agriculture ? exploring the farm size-productivity relationshipDeininger, Klaus; Nizalov, Denys; Singh, Sudhir K2013/07
5944Services liberalization and productivity of manufacturing firms : evidence from UkraineShepotylo, Oleksandr; Vakhitov, Volodymyr2012/01
5879Is optimization an opportunity ? an assessment of the impact of class size and school size on the performance of Ukrainian secondary schoolsCoupe, Tom; Olefir, Anna; Alonso, Juan Diego2011/11
5264A preliminary analysis of the impact of a Ukraine-EU free trade agreement on agriculturevon Cramon-Taubadel, Stephan; Hess, Sebastian; Brummer, Bernhard2010/04
4841What drives firm productivity growth ?Anos-Casero, Paloma; Udomsaph, Charles2009/02
3886The microeconomics of creating productive jobs : a synthesis of firm-level studies in transition economiesBrown, J. David; Earle, John S.2006/04
36339The development of nonbank financial institutions in Ukraine - policy reform strategy and action planNoel, Michel; Kantur, Zeynep; Prigozhina, Angela; Rutledge, Sue; Fursova, Olena2006/01
34336Ukraine's trade policy : a strategy for integration into global tradePiontkivsky, Ruslan; Pindyuk, Olga; Polyakov, Evgeny; Brenton, Paul; Ikezuki, Takako; Freinkman, Lev; Schuler, Philip; Pyatnisky, Valeriy2005/06
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