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7066Non-farm enterprises in rural Africa : new empirical evidenceNagler, Paula; Naude, Wim2014/10
6986Mobile phone coverage and producer markets : evidence from West AfricaAker, Jenny C.; Fafchamps, Marcel2014/07
6691Dutch disease and spending strategies in a resource-rich low-income country - the case of NigerGo, Delfin S.; Robinson, Sherman; Thierfelder, Karen; Utz, Robert2013/11
5698Niger's infrastructure : a continental perspectiveDominguez-Torres, Carolina; Foster, Vivien2011/06
4920Assessing the economic impacts of an economic partnership agreement on NigeriaAndriamananjara, Soamiely; Brenton, Paul; von Uexkull, Jan Erik; Walkenhorst, Peter2009/04
4772How does geographic distance affect credit market access in Niger ?Pedrosa, Jose; Do, Quy-Toan2008/11
3944Linking public investment programs and SPAHD macro models : methodology and application to aid requirementsAgenor, Pierre-Richard; Bayraktar, Nihal; Pinto Moreira, Emmanuel2006/06
34518Le Bassin du fleuve Niger : vers une vision de developpement durableAndersen, Inger; Dione, Ousmane; Jarosewich-Holder, Martha; Oliver, Jean-Claude; George Golitzen, Katherin [editor]2006/01
3506A macroeconomic framework for quantifying growth and poverty reduction strategies in NigerPinto Moreira, Emmanuel; Bayraktar, Nihal2005/02
3500Revenue and the fiscal impact of liberalization : the case of NigerZafar, Ali2005/02
[1] 23
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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