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7129Party age and party color : new results on the political economy of redistribution and inequalityKeefer, Philip; Milanovic, Branko2014/12
92872Beyond contributory pensions : fourteen experiences with coverage expansion in Latin AmericaRofman, Rafael [editor]; Apella, Ignacio [editor]; Vezza, Evelyn [editor]2014/11
7091Protected areas and deforestation : new results from high resolution panel dataBlankespoor, Brian; Dasgupta, Susmita; Wheeler, David2014/11
91839Great Teachers : how to raise student learning in Latin America and the CaribbeanBruns, Barbara; Lugue, Javier2014/10
6978Evolving wage cyclicality in Latin AmericaMessina, Julian; Gambetti, Luca2014/07
6973Learning dynamics and support for economic reforms : why good news can be badvan Wijnbergen, Sweder; Willems, Tim2014/07
83837El emprendimiento en America Latina : muchas empresas y poca innovacionLederman, Daniel; Messina, Julian; Pienknagura, Samuel; Rigolini, Jamele2014/06
88888Biochar systems for smallholders in developing countries : leveraging current knowledge and exploring future potential for climate-smart agricultureLehmann, Johannes; Roberts, Kelli; Scholz, Sebastian M.; Sembres, Thomas; Whitman, Thea; Wilson, Kelpie2014/06
88887Understanding the poverty impact of the global financial crisis in Latin America and the CaribbeanBussolo, Maurizio; Dixon, Peter; Freije, Samuel; Fruttero, Anna; Grosh, Margaret; de Hoyos, Rafael E.; Oliveri, Maria Laura; Rimmer, Maureen; Savescu, Cristina; Verikios, George2014/06
6912The long-awaited rise of the middle class in Latin America is finally happeningBussolo, Maurizio; Maliszewska, Maryla; Murard, Elie2014/06
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