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7206Informal tradables and the employment growth of Indian manufacturingGhani,Syed Ejaz; Kerr,William Robert; Segura,Alex2015/03
7198Behavioral economics and social exclusion : can interventions overcome prejudice ?Hoff, Karla2015/02
7189Sex-selective abortions, fertility, and birth spacingPortner, Claus C 2015/02
92648Elite capture : residential tariff subsidies in IndiaMayer, Kristy; Banerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh; Trimble, Chris2015/01
92490Beyond crisis : the financial performance of India's power sectorKhurana, Mani ; Banerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh 2014/11
7121What doesn't kill you makes you poorer : adult wages and the early-life disease environment in IndiaLawson, Nicholas; Spears, Dean2014/11
7109The economic effects of a borrower bailout : evidence from an emerging marketGine, Xavier; Kanz, Martin2014/11
7086Inheritance law reform, empowerment, and human capital accumulation : second-generation effects from IndiaDeininger, Klaus; Xia, Fang; Jin, Songqing; Nagarajan, Hari K.2014/11
7085Does land fragmentation increase the cost of cultivation ? evidence from IndiaDeininger, Klaus; Monchuk, Daniel; Nagarajan, Hari K; Singh, Sudhir K2014/11
92223Power for all : electricity access challenge in IndiaBanerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh ; Barnes, Douglas; Singh, Bipul ; Mayer, Kristy ; Samad, Hussain2014/10
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