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7202Maize price volatility : does market remoteness matter ?Moctar,Ndiaye; d?H�tel Elodie,Maitre; Tristan,Le Cotty2015/02
7115Long-run growth in Ghana : determinants and prospectsHerrera, Santiago; Aykut, Dilek2014/11
89064Demand and supply of skills in Ghana : how can training programs improve employment and productivity?Darvas, Peter; Palmer, Robert2014/06
88657Entrepreneurship education and training : insights from Ghana, Kenya, and MozambiqueRobb, Alicia; Valerio, Alexandria; Parton, Brent2014/06
6946Bridging the gap : identifying what is holding self-employed women back in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, the Republic of Congo, and UgandaNix, Emily; Gamberoni, Elisa; Heath, Rachel2014/06
88483Working toward better pay : earning dynamics in Ghana and TanzaniaFalco, Paolo; Kerr, Andrew; Paci, Pierella; Rijkers, Bob2014/05
87063Agricultural land redistribution and land administration in Sub-Saharan Africa : case studies of recent reforms2014/04
6750Economic growth in Ghana : determinants and prospectRaggl, Anna K.2014/01
82726Basic education beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Ghana : how equity in service delivery affects educational and learning outcomesDarvas, Peter; Balwanz, David 2013/11
6513Understanding child labor in Ghana beyond poverty : the structure of the economy, social norms, and no returns to rural basic educationKrauss, Alexander2013/06
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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