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104605The impact of China on Europe and Central AsiaTimmer,Hans; Bussolo,Maurizio; Gould,David Michael; Letelier,Raquel Alejandra; Nguyen,Tu Chi; Panterov,Georgi Lyudmilov; Shaw,William; Ushakova,Ekaterina; Burns,Andrew; Izvorski,Ivailo V.; Pigato,Miria A.; Sanchez,Carolina2016/04
102804Being fair, faring better : promoting equality of opportunity for marginalized RomaGatti,Roberta V.; Karacsony,Sandor I.; Anan,Kosuke; Ferre,Celine; De Paz Nieves,Carmen2016/02
86944?? ???? ? ????????? ??????????? ? ?????? ? ??????????? ????Bussolo,Maurizio; Lopez-Calva,Luis-Felipe2016/01
7519Why so gloomy ? perceptions of economic mobility in Europe and Central AsiaCancho,Cesar A.; Davalos,Maria Eugenia; Sanchez,Carolina2015/12
100609Low commodity prices and weak currenciesTimmer,Hans; Bussolo,Maurizio; Gogova,Dobrina; Gould,David Michael; Luongo,Patrizia; Nguyen,Tu Chi; Panterov,Georgi Lyudmilov; Ushakova,Ekaterina; Burns,Andrew; Izvorski,Ivailo V.; Pigato,Miria A.; Sanchez,Carolina2015/10
7378Subjective well-being across the lifespan in Europe and Central AsiaBauer,Jan Michael; Levin,Victoria; Munoz Boudet,Ana Maria; Nie,Peng; Sousa-Poza,Alfonso2015/07
7311Understanding the operations of freight forwarders : evidence from SerbiaMendoza Alcantara,Alejandra; Fernandes,Ana Margarida; Hillberry,Russell Henry2015/06
97714Golden aging : prospects for healthy, active, and prosperous aging in Europe and Central AsiaBussolo,Maurizio; Koettl-Brodmann,Johannes; Sinnott,Emily2015/06
7210Trade effects of customs reform : evidence from AlbaniaFernandes,Ana Margarida; Hillberry,Russell Henry; Mendoza Alcantara,Alejandra2015/03
97714??????? ??? ????????: ??????????? ????????, ???????? ? ???????????? ????????Bussolo,Maurizio; Koettl-Brodmann,Johannes; Sinnott,Emily2015/01
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