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4976Educational and health impacts of two school feeding schemes : evidence from a randomized trial in rural Burkina FasoKazianga, Harounan; de Walque, Damien; Alderman, Harold2009/06
3956Discordant couples : HIV infection among couples in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzaniade Walque, Damien2006/06
3844Who gets AIDS and how ? The determinants of HIV infection and sexual behaviors in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzaniade Walque, Damien2006/02
27149Vers un developpement pilote par les pays : une evaluation par plusieurs partenaires du cadre de developpement integre : conclusions de six etudes de cas nationales2004/01
3057Teaching adults to read better and faster : results from an experiment in Burkina FasoAbadzi, Helen2003/05
3039Scaling up community-driven development : theoretical underpinnings and program design implicationsBinswanger, Hans P.; Aiyar, Swaminathan2003/03
27149Toward country-led development : a multi-partner evaluation of the comprehensive development framework : findings from six country case studies2003/01
27149Desarrollo dirigido por los propios paises : evaluacion conjunta del Marco Integral de Desarrollo : conclusiones extraidas de estudios sobre seis paises2003/01
2847The nature and dynamics of poverty determinants in Burkina Faso in the 1990sFofack, Hippolyte2002/05
22086World Bank economists' forumDevarajan, Shantayanan; Rogers, F. Halsey; Squire, Lyn [editors]2002/01
[1] 2345
Display Result in sets of: 102050