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3339A policy note on telecommunications reform in AlgeriaNoumba Um, Paul2004/06
2874Risks and macroeconomic impacts of HIV/AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa : why waiting to intervene can be costlyRobalino, David A.; Jenkins, Carol; El Maroufi, Karim2002/08
2215Implementation of Ururguay Round commitments : the development challengeFinger, Michael J.; Schuler, Philip1999/10
19635Toward a virtuous circle : a nutrition review of the Middle East and North AfricaAoyama, Atsuko; Aoyama,Atsuko1999/08
WTP386Water pricing experiences : an international perspectiveDinar, Ariel; Subramanian, Ashok [editors]; Dinar, Ariel*Subramanian, Ashok [editors]1997/10
1659Unemployment insurance in Algeria : implications for a labor market in transitionRuppert, Elizabeth; Ruppert Bulmer,Elizabeth N.1996/09
1598Logistical constraints on international trade in the MaghrebSalama, Ovadia; Amiot, Francois; Amiot, Francois*Salama, Ovadia1996/05
15153An international assessment of health care financing : lessons for developing countriesDunlop, David W.; Martins, Jo M. [editors]; Dunlop, David W.*Martins, Jo M. [editors]1995/11
1410Macroeconomic effects of terms-of-trade shocks : the case of oil-exporting countriesSpatafora, Nikola; Warner, Andrew; Spatafora, Nikola*Warner, Andrew1995/01
840Public sector debt, fiscal deficits, and economic adjustment : a comparative study of six EMENA countriesDastgheib, Azita; Thorne, Alfredo E.; Thorne, Alfredo E.*Dastgheib, Azita1992/01
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