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7684Creative trade for human developmentKabanda,Patrick2016/05
7683Creative natives in the digital age : how digital technology has revolutionized creative workKabanda,Patrick2016/05
7677The role of inequality in climate-poverty debatesTschakert,Petra2016/05
7676Exports and job trainingBastos; Silva,Joana C. G.; Proenca,Rafael Prado2016/05
7675Trust in government and support for redistributionSilva,Joana C. G.; Morgandi,Matteo; Levin,Victoria2016/05
7674Prioritizing infrastructure investment : a framework for government decision makingMarcelo Gordillo,Darwin; Mandri-Perrott,Xavier Cledan; House,Ruth Schuyler; Schwartz,Jordan Z.2016/05
7673Does the global trade slowdown matter ?Constantinescu,Ileana Cristina; Mattoo,Aaditya; Ruta,Michele2016/05
7669Will digital technologies transform agriculture in developing countries ?Deichmann,Uwe; Goyal,Aparajita; Mishra,Deepak K.2016/05
7668Can business owners form accurate counterfactuals ? eliciting treatment and control beliefs about their outcomes in the alternative treatment statusMckenzie,David J.2016/05
7667Learning, Prices, and firm dynamicsBastos,Paulo S. R.; Dias,Daniel; Timoshenko,Olga A.2016/05
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