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91350A measured approach to ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity : concepts, data, and the twin goalsJolliffe, Dean; Lanjouw Peter; Chen, Shaohua; Kraay, Aart; Meyer, Christian; Negre, Mario; Prydz, Espen; Vakis, Renos; Wethli, Kyla2014/10
91348Simulating distributional impacts of macro-dynamics : theory and practical applicationsOlivieri, Sergio; Radyakin, Sergiy; Kolenikov, Stainslav; Lokshin, Michael; Narayan, Ambar; Sanchez-Paramo, Carolina2014/10
91347Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises : a toolkitKikeri, Sunita; Brumby, Jim; Arrobbio, Alexandre; Nunez, Alejandra; Berg, Alexander; Barros, Ana Cristina Hirata; Moreno-Dodson, Blanca; Robinett, David; Fortin, Henri; Steinhilper, Immanuel; Garrido, Jose; Zoratta, Laura; Verhoeven, Marijn; Beauchard, Renaud; Vani, Sanjay2014/10
7074Drivers of entrepreneurship and post-entry performance of newborn firms in developing countriesQuatraro, Francesco ; Vivarelli, Marco2014/10
7070Interest rate caps around the world: still popular, but a blunt instrumentMaimbo, Samuel Munzele; Henriquez Gallegos, Claudia Alejandra2014/10
7069The second wave of independence : shopping for solutionsGaarder, Marie M.; Bartsch, Ulrich2014/10
7065The effects of financial development on foreign direct investmentDesbordes, Rodolphe; Wei, Shang-Jin2014/10
7063Credit conditions and foreign direct investment during the global financial crisisDesbordes, Rodolphe; Wei, Shang-Jin2014/10
7061The critical mass approach to achieve a deal on green goods and services : what is on the table? how much to expect ?de Melo, Jaime; Vijil, Mariana2014/10
7060Green subsidies and the WTOCharnovitz, Steve2014/10
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