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5651Who is vouching for the input voucher ? decentralized targeting and elite capture in TanzaniaPan, Lei; Christiaensen, Luc2011/05
5192Do labor statistics depend on how and to whom the questions are asked ? results from a survey experiment in TanzaniaBardasi, Elena; Beegle, Kathleen; Dillon, Andrew; Serneels, Pieter2010/01
5117Climate volatility and poverty vulnerability in TanzaniaAhmed , Syud Amer; Diffenbaugh, Noah S.; Hertel , Thomas W.; Lobell, David B.; Ramankutty, Navin; Rios, Ana R.; Rowhani, Pedram2009/11
5037The long-run impacts of adult deaths on older household members in TanzaniaAdhvaryu, Achyuta R.; Beegle, Kathleen2009/09
4805Grand corruption in utilitiesKenny, Charles; Soreide, Tina2008/12
4804Pursuing efficiency while maintaining outreach : bank privatization in TanzaniaCull, Robert; Spreng, Connor P.2008/12
4798Migration and economic mobility in Tanzania : evidence from a tracking surveyBeegle, Kathleen; De Weerdt, Joachim; Dercon, Stefan2008/12
4760The short and longer term potential welfare impact of global commodity inflation in TanzaniaDessus, Sebastien 2008/10
4677The consequences of child labor : evidence from longitudinal data in rural TanzaniaBeegle, Kathleen; Dehejia, Rajeev H.; Gatti, Roberta; Krutikova, Sofya2008/07
4675Small enterprise growth and the rural investment climate : evidence from TanzaniaKinda, Tidiane; Loening, Josef L.2008/07
Display Result in sets of: 102050