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7894Heterogeneous returns to income diversification : evidence from NigeriaBertoni,Eleonora; Corral Rodas,Paul Andres; Molini,Vasco; Siwatu,Gbemisola Oseni2016/11
7843Intergenerational education mobility in Africa : has progress been inclusive ?Azomahou,Theophile T.; Yitbarek,Eleni Abraham2016/09
7759Cheaper, faster, and more than good enough : is GPS the new gold standard in land area measurement ?Carletto,Calogero; Gourlay,Sydney; Murray,Siobhan; Zezza,Alberto2016/07
106150From oil to cities : Nigeria?s next transformation2016/06
7597Land measurement bias and its empirical implications : evidence from a validation exerciseDillon,Andrew S.; Gourlay,Sydney; Mcgee,Kevin Robert; Oseni,Gbemisola O.2016/03
99457State water agencies in Nigeria : a performance assessmentMacheve,Berta Adelaide Da Silva; Danilenko,Alexander V.; Abdullah,Roohi; Bove,Abel Paul Basile; Moffitt,Larry Joe2015/09
7405Business practices in small firms in developing countriesMckenzie,David J.; Woodruff,Christopher M.2015/08
7391Identifying and spurring high-growth entrepreneurship : experimental evidence from a business plan competitionMckenzie,David J.2015/08
7376Impacts on poverty of removing fuel import subsidies in NigeriaSiddig,Khalid; Minor,Peter J.; Grethe,Harald; Aguiar,Angel; Walmsley,Terrie Louise2015/07
7282How much of the labor in African agriculture is provided by women ?Palacios-Lopez,Amparo; Christiaensen,Luc; Kilic,Talip2015/06
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