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8345Water when it counts : reducing scarcity through irrigation monitoring in Central MozambiqueChristian,Paul J.; Kondylis,Florence; Mueller,Valerie Martina; Zwager,Astrid Maria Theresia; Siegfried,Tobias2018/02
8290Preschool and child development under extreme poverty : evidence from a randomized experiment in rural MozambiqueMartinez,Sebastian; Naudeau,Sophie; Pereira,Vitor Azevedo2017/12
8167Tracing back the weather origins of human welfare: evidence from MozambiqueBaez Ramirez,Javier Eduardo; Caruso,German Daniel; Niu,Chiyu2017/08
7876New rural access index : main determinants and correlation to povertyIimi,Atsushi; Ahmed,A.K. Farhad; Anderson,Edward Charles; Diehl,Adam Stone; Maiyo,Laban; Peralta Quiros,Tatiana; Rao,Kulwinder Singh2016/11
7466Quantifying spillover effects from large farm establishments : the case of MozambiqueDeininger,Klaus W.; Xia,Fang; Mate,Aurelio; Payongayong,Ellen2015/10
7247Are we confusing poverty with preferences ?van den Boom,Bart; Halsema,Alex; Molini,Vasco2015/04
7000Seeing is believing ? evidence from an extension network experimentKondylis,Florence; Mueller, Valerie; Zhu, Siyao Jessica2014/08
88657Entrepreneurship education and training : insights from Ghana, Kenya, and MozambiqueRobb, Alicia; Valerio, Alexandria; Parton, Brent2014/06
6570Household enterprises in Mozambique : key to poverty reduction but not on the development agenda ?Fox, Louise; Sohnesen, Thomas Pave2013/08
6424Potential and actual FDI spillovers in global value chains : the role of foreign investor characteristics, absorptive capacity and transmission channelsWinkler, Deborah2013/04
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