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7558Idle youth in Mexico : trapped between the war on drugs and economic crisisDe Hoyos Navarro,Rafael E.; Gutierrez Fierros,Carlos; Vargas M.,J. Vicente2016/02
7546Declining wages for college-educated workers in Mexico : are younger or older cohorts hurt the most ?Campos-Vazquez,Raymundo M.; Lopez-Calva,Luis-Felipe; Lustig,Nora-4514712016/01
7534Following Mexican youth : a short-run study of time use decisionsBaron,Juan; Popova,Anna; Sanchez Diaz,Angelica Maria2016/01
7470Measuring progress towards universal health coverage: with an application to 24 developing countriesWagstaff,Adam; Cotlear,Daniel; Eozenou,Patrick Hoang-Vu; Buisman,Leander Robert2015/11
7471Tracking wage inequality trends with prices and different trade models : evidence from MexicoHalliday,Timothy; Lederman,Daniel; Robertson,Raymond2015/11
7427High school track choice and financial constraints : evidence from urban MexicoAvitabile,Ciro; Bobba,Matteo; Pariguana,Marco2015/09
7422The Heterogeneous effect of information on student performance : evidence from a randomized control trial in MexicoAvitabile,Ciro; De Hoyos Navarro,Rafael E.2015/09
7405Business practices in small firms in developing countriesMckenzie,David J.; Woodruff,Christopher M.2015/08
7393The impact of an accountability intervention with diagnostic feedback : evidence from MexicoDe Hoyos Navarro,Rafael E.; Garcia Moreno,Vicente A.; Patrinos,Harry Anthony2015/08
7230The (non-) effect of violence on education : evidence from the "war on drugs" in MexicoM�rquez-Padilla,Fernanda; P�rez-Arce,Francisco; Rodriguez Castelan,Carlos2015/04
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