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6836Voter response to natural disaster aid : quasi-experimental evidence from drought relief payments in MexicoFuchs, Alan; Rodriguez-Chamussy, Lourdes2014/04
6816Estimating the economic opportunity cost of capital for public investment projects : an empirical analysis of the Mexican caseCoppola, Andrea; Fernholz, Fernando; Glenday, Graham2014/03
6730Crime and growth convergence : evidence from MexicoEnamorado, Ted; Lopez-Calva, Luis F.; Rodriguez-Castelan, Carlos2013/12
6634From pawn shops to banks : the impact of formal credit on informal householdsRuiz, Claudia2013/10
6508The impact of consulting services on small and medium enterprises: evidence from a randomized trial in MexicoBruhn, Miriam; Karlan, Dean; Schoar, Antoinette2013/06
6461The poverty impact of climate change in Mexicode la Fuente, Alejandro; Villarroel, Marcelo Olivera2013/05
6439Why is voluntary financial education so unpopular ? Experimental evidence from MexicoBruhn, Miriam; Lara Ibarra, Gabriel; McKenzie, David2013/05
6426Eliciting illegal migration rates through list randomizationMcKenzie, David; Siegel, Melissa2013/04
6417Municipal vulnerability to climate change and climate related events in Mexico Borja-Vega, Christian; de la Fuente, Alejandro2013/04
6345Children's health opportunities and project evaluation : Mexico's Oportunidades programVan de gaer, Dirk; Vandenbossche, Joost; Figueroa, Jose Luis2013/01
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