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7948How is the slowdown affecting households in Latin America and the Caribbean ?Calvo-Gonzalez,Oscar; Castaneda Aguilar,Raul Andres; Farfan Bertran,Maria Gabriela; Reyes,German Jeremias; Sousa,Liliana Do Couto2017/01
7927Job quality and poverty in Latin AmericaBrummund,Peter; Mann,Christopher Ryan; Rodriguez Castelan,Carlos2016/12
1101101Beyond commodities : the growth challenge of Latin America and the CaribbeanAraujo,Jorge A. De Thompson R.; Vostroknutova,Ekaterina; Brueckner,Markus; Clavijo,Mateo; Wacker,Konstantin M.2016/11
7847Economic integration across Latin America : evidence from labor markets, 1990-2013Lederman,Daniel; Robertson,Raymond2016/10
7795Understanding the dynamics of labor income inequality in Latin AmericaRodriguez Castelan,Carlos; Lopez-Calva,Luis-Felipe; Lustig,Nora; Valderrama,Daniel2016/08
97473Rumo a uma cobertura universal de sa�de e equidade na Am�rica Latina e no CaribeDmytraczenko,Tania [editor]; Almeida; Gisele [editor]2016/08
7784Building long-term portfolio benchmarks for pension funds in emerging economiesRudolph,Heinz P.; Sabat,Jorge2016/08
107159Left behind : chronic poverty in Latin America and the CaribbeanVakis,Renos; Rigolini,Iamele P.; Lucchetti,Leonardo Ramiro2016/07
106671Minds and behaviors at work : boosting socioemotional skills for Latin America?s workforceCunningham,Wendy; Acosta,Pablo Ariel; Muller,Noel2016/07
7692Weathering storms : understanding the impact of natural disasters on the poor in Central AmericaIshizawa Escudero,Oscar Anil; Miranda Montero,Juan Jose2016/06
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