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7695Non-renewable resources, fiscal rules, and human capitalLevine,Paul Leslie; Melina,Giovanni; Onder,Harun2016/06
7614Deal or no deal : strictly business for China in Kenya ?Sanghi,Apurva; Johnson,Dylan Conte2016/03
105613Expanding tertiary education for well-paid jobs : competitiveness and shared prosperity in KenyaBlom,Andreas; Raza,Reehana Rifat; Kiamba,Crispus Makau; Bayusuf,Himdat Iqbal; Adil,Mariam Nusrat2016/01
7517Forced displacement and refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa : an economic inquiryVerwimp,Philip; Maystadt,Jean-Francois2015/12
7461Bright Lights, Big Cities : measuring national and subnational economic growth in Africa from outer space, with an application to Kenya and RwandaBundervoet,Tom; Maiyo,Laban; Sanghi,Apurva2015/10
7440The impact of violence on individual risk preferences : evidence from a natural experimentJakiela,Pamela; Ozier,Owen2015/10
7405Business practices in small firms in developing countriesMckenzie,David J.; Woodruff,Christopher M.2015/08
7404The impact of private sector internship and training on urban youth in KenyaHonorati,Maddalena2015/08
7384The impact of secondary schooling in Kenya : a regression discontinuity analysisOzier,Owen2015/08
7280Firm inventory behavior in east AfricaIimi,Atsushi; Humphrey,Richard Martin; Melibaeva,Sevara2015/05
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