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7829Can the culture of honor lead to inefficient conventions ? experimental evidence from IndiaBrooks,Benjamin A.; Hoff,Karla; Pandey,Priyanka2016/09
7820Are labor supply decisions consistent with neoclassical preferences ? evidence from Indian boat ownersGine,Xavier; Martinez-Bravo,Monica; Vidal-Fernandez,Marian2016/09
7818Preferential resource spending under an employment guarantee : the political economy of MGNREGS in Andhra PradeshSheahan,Megan Britney; Liu,Yanyan; Barrett,Christopher B.; Narayanan,Sudha2016/09
7814Will market competition trump gender discrimination in India ?Ghani,Syed Ejaz; Grover,Arti; Kerr,Sari; Kerr,William Robert2016/09
7799Can environmental policy reduce infant mortality ? evidence from the Ganga pollution casesDo,Quy-Toan; Joshi,Shareen; Stolper,Samuel2016/08
7792Hidden human capital : psychological empowerment and adolescent girls' aspirations in IndiaRoy,Sanchari; Morton,Matthew H.; Bhattacharya,Shrayana2016/08
7783Can labor market imperfections explain changes in the inverse farm size?productivity relationship ? longitudinal evidence from rural IndiaDeininger,Klaus W.; Jin,Songqing; Liu,Yanyan; Singh,Sudhir K.2016/08
7741Spatial development and agglomeration economies in services -- lessons from IndiaGhani,Syed Ejaz; Grover,Arti; Kerr,William Robert2016/06
7694Markets, contracts, and uncertainty in a groundwater economyGine,Xavier; Jacoby,Hanan G.2016/06
7665Short-term effects of India's employment guarantee program on labor markets and agricultural productivityDeininger,Klaus W.; Nagarajan,Hari Krishnan; Singh,Sudhir K.2016/05
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