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7378Subjective well-being across the lifespan in Europe and Central AsiaBauer,Jan Michael; Levin,Victoria; Munoz Boudet,Ana Maria; Nie,Peng; Sousa-Poza,Alfonso2015/07
97714Golden aging : prospects for healthy, active, and prosperous aging in Europe and Central AsiaBussolo,Maurizio; Koettl-Brodmann,Johannes; Sinnott,Emily2015/06
7173Economic mobility in Europe and Central Asia : exploring patterns and uncovering puzzlesCancho, Cesar; Davalos, Maria E.; Demarchi, Giorgia; Meyer, Moritz; Sanchez Paramo, Carolina2015/01
7132Transparent government and business regulation : "open for business?"Geginat, Carolin; Saltane, Valentina2014/12
7097Should income inequality be reduced and who should benefit ? redistributive preferences in Europe and Central AsiaCojocaru, Alexandru; Diagne, Mame Fatou2014/11
89068Income support for the poorest : a review of experience in Eastern Europe and Central AsiaTesliuc, Emil; Pop, Lucian; Grosh, Margaret; Yemtsov, Ruslan2014/06
88891The Eurasian connection : supply-chain efficiency along the modern silk route through Central AsiaRastogi, Cordula; Arvis, Jean-Francois2014/06
6868Revenue potential, tax space, and tax gap : a comparative analysisKhwaja, Munawer Sultan; Iyer, Indira2014/05
86944Shared prosperity : paving the way in Europe and Central AsiaBussolo, Maurizio; Lopez-Calva, Luis-Felipe2014/04
84041SummaryArias, Omar S.; Sanchez-Paramo, Carolina; Davalos, Maria E.; Santos, Indhira; Tiongson, Erwin R.; Gruen, Carola; de Andrade Falcao, Natasha; Saiovici, Gady; Cancho, Cesar A.2014/03
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