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8353Identifying catch-up trajectories in child growth : new methods with evidence from young livesJones,Sam; Behrman,Jere R.; Dang,Hai-Anh H.; Anand ,Paul2018/02
8321Using satellite imagery to assess impacts of soil and water conservation measures : evidence from Ethiopia's Tana-Beles WatershedAli,Daniel Ayalew; Deininger,Klaus W.; Monchuk,Daniel C.2018/01
8291Selection, firm turnover, and productivity growth : do emerging cities speed up the process?Jones,Patricia; Mengistae,Taye Alemu; Zeufack,Albert G.2018/01
8256Insuring well-being ? buyer's remorse and peace of mind effects from insuranceHirfrfot,Kibrom Tafere; Barrett,Christopher B.; Lentz,Erin; Ayana,Birhanu T.2017/11
8169The impact of strengthening agricultural extension services : evidence from EthiopiaBuehren,Niklas; Goldstein,Markus P.; Molina,Ezequiel; Vaillant,Julia2017/08
8138Mission impossible? exploring the promise of multiple imputation for predicting missing GPS-based land area measures in household surveysKilic,Talip; Yacoubou Djima,Ismael; Carletto,Calogero2017/07
8134Land productivity and plot size : is measurement error driving the inverse relationship ?Desiere,Sam; Jolliffe,Dean Mitchell2017/07
8127Farm size and productivity : a "direct-inverse-direct" relationshipSavastano,Sara; Scandizzo,Pasquale L.2017/06
8092Job fairs : matching firms and workers in a field experiment in EthiopiaAbebe,Girum; Caria,Stefano; Fafchamps,Marcel; Falco,Paolo; Franklin,Simon; Quinn,Simon Redmond; Shilpi,Forhad J.2017/06
8089Spatial autocorrelation panel regression : agricultural production and transport connectivityIimi,Atsushi; You,Liangzhi; Wood-Sichra,Ulrike2017/06
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