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7901When the money runs out : do cash transfers have sustained effects on human capital accumulation ?Baird,Sarah Jane; Mcintosh,Craig; Ozler,Berk2016/12
7900Can enhancing the benefits of formalization induce informal firms to become formal ? experimental evidence from BeninBenhassine,Najy; Mckenzie,David J.; Pouliquen,Victor Maurice Joseph; Santini,Massimiliano2016/11
7891Shedding light : understanding energy efficiency and electricity reliabilityCarranza,Eliana; Meeks,Robyn2016/11
7889Benefits of electrification and the role of reliability : evidence from IndiaSamad,Hussain A.; Zhang,Fan2016/11
7848The long-term impact of international migration on economic decision-making : evidence from a migration lottery and lab-in-the-field experimentsGibson,John; Mckenzie,David J.; Rohorua,Halahingano; Stillman,Steven2016/10
7839Poor households' productive investments of cash transfers : quasi-experimental evidence from NigerStoeffler,Quentin; Mills,Bradford F.; Premand,Patrick2016/09
7822Shoeing the Children : the impact of the TOMS Shoe donation program in rural El SalvadorWydick,Bruce W.; Katz,Elizabeth G.; Calvo,Flor; Gutierrez,Felipe; Janet,Brendan2016/09
7817Combining preschool teacher training with parenting education : a cluster-randomized controlled trialOzler,Berk; Fernald,Lia C. H.; Kariger,Patricia Karol; Mcconnell,Christin; Neuman,Michelle J.; Pinheiro Fraga,Eduardo2016/09
7807Savings defaults and payment delays for cash transfers: field experimental evidence from MalawiBrune,Lasse Florian; Gine,Xavier; Goldberg,Jessica Ann; Yang,Dean2016/08
7801Impact of social assistance on labor market mobility : the case of TurkeyAlcan,Deniz; Mokretar-Karroubi,Raif; Taskin,Temel; Wiseman,William David2016/08
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