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7801Impact of social assistance on labor market mobility : the case of TurkeyAlcan,Deniz; Mokretar-Karroubi,Raif; Taskin,Temel; Wiseman,William David2016/08
7796Short- and long-term effects of a child-labor banPiza,Caio; Portela Fernandes De Souza,Andre2016/08
7774Pathways to profits : identifying separate channels of small firm growth through business trainingAnderson,Stephen J.; Chandy,Rajesh; Zia,Bilal Husnain2016/07
7768Feedback matters : evidence from agricultural servicesJones,Maria Ruth; Kondylis,Florence2016/07
7760A randomized control trial of a peer adherence and nutritional support program for public sector antiretroviral patientsBooysen,Frederik Le Roux; De Walque,Damien B. C. M.; Over,Mead; Hashimoto,Satoko; de Reuck,Chantell2016/07
7730Evidence from a randomized evaluation of the household welfare impacts of conditional and unconditional cash transfers given to mothers or fathers2016/06
7715Weather index insurance and shock coping : evidence from Mexico's CADENA ProgramDe Janvry,Alain F.; Ramirez Ritchie,Elizabeth Andrea; Sadoulet,Elisabeth Marie L.2016/06
7714Insuring growth : the impact of disaster funds on economic reconstruction in MexicoDe Janvry,Alain F.; del Valle,Alejandro; Sadoulet,Elisabeth Marie L.2016/06
7709Increased coverage of maternal health services among the poor in western Uganda in an output-based aid voucher schemeObare,Francis; Okwero,Peter; Villegas,Leslie; Mills,Samuel Lantei; Bellows,Ben2016/06
7699Women's empowerment, sibling rivalry, and competitiveness: evidence from a lab experiment and a randomized control trial in UgandaBuehren,Niklas; Goldstein,Markus P.; Leonard,Kenneth; Montalvao,Joao; Vasilaky,Kathryn2016/06
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