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7436Determinants of long-term versus short-term bank credit in EU countriesPark,Haelim; Ruiz Ortega,Claudia; Tressel,Thierry2015/10
7435Formalizing rural land rights in West Africa : early evidence from a randomized impact evaluation in BeninGoldstein,Markus P.; Houngbedji,Kenneth; Kondylis,Florence; O'Sullivan,Michael B.; Selod,Harris2015/10
7434A Coasian model of international production chainsFally,Thibault; Hillberry,Russell Henry2015/10
7433A methodological framework for prioritizing infrastructure investmentAndres,Luis Alberto; Biller,Dan; Herrera Dappe,Matias2015/10
7432A global count of the extreme poor in 2012 : data issues, methodology and initial resultsFerreira,Francisco H. G.; Chen,Shaohua; Dabalen,Andrew L.; Dikhanov,Yuri M.; Hamadeh,Nada; Jolliffe,Dean Mitchell; Narayan,Ambar; Prydz,Espen Beer; Revenga,Ana L.; Sangraula,Prem; Serajuddin,Umar; Yoshida,Nobuo2015/10
7431Dismal science, accounting and Newton?s second law : identifying force and rigidity in public expenditure analysisMerotto,Dino Leonardo; Hayati,Fayavar; Stephan,David Andrew; Bataille,William2015/10
7430Beyond qualifications : returns to cognitive and socio-emotional skills in ColombiaAcosta,Pablo Ariel; Muller,Noel; Sarzosa,Miguel Alonso2015/09
7429Are public libraries improving quality of education ? when the provision of public goods is not enoughRodriguez Lesmes,Paul Andres; Trujillo,Jose Daniel; Valderrama Gonzalez,Daniel2015/09
7428Civil service recruitment in Comoros : a case of political clientelism in a decentralized stateRose,Jonathan; Gowthaman,Balachandran2015/09
7427High school track choice and financial constraints : evidence from urban MexicoAvitabile,Ciro; Bobba,Matteo; Pariguana,Marco2015/09
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