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5279Trade and financial sector reforms : interactions and spilloversTaylor, Ashley2010/04
5277Rethinking multipliers in a globalized worldNallari, Raj; Mba, Leopold Engozogo2010/04
5274Is protectionism on the rise ? assessing national trade policies during the crisis of 2008Kee, Hiau Looi; Neagu, Cristina; Nicita, Alessandro2010/04
5273Internal migration in Ghana : determinants and welfare impactsAckah, Charles; Medvedev, Denis2010/04
5272Openness and technological innovation in East Asia : have they increased the demand for skills ?Almeida, Rita K.2010/04
5271Cambodia 1998-2008 : an episode of rapid growthGuimbert, Stephane2010/04
5270Accommodating migration to promote adaptation to climate changeBarnett, Jon; Webber, Michael2010/04
5269Enterprise recovery following natural disastersde Mel, Suresh; McKenzie, David; Woodruff, Christopher2010/04
5268Accounting for selectivity and duration-dependent heterogeneity when estimating the impact of emigration on incomes and poverty in sending areasGibson, John; McKenzie, David; Stillman, Steven2010/04
5267Micro efficiency and macro growthNallari, Raj; Bayraktar, Nihal2010/04
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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