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7868ICT use, innovation, and productivity : evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaCirera,Xavier; Lage,Filipe; Sabetti,Leonard2016/10
7843Intergenerational education mobility in Africa : has progress been inclusive ?Azomahou,Theophile T.; Yitbarek,Eleni Abraham2016/09
100383La transition d�mographique de l?Afrique : dividende ou catastrophe ?Canning,David J.; Jobanputra,Sangeeta Raja; Yazbeck,Abdo S.2016/09
108020Tree-based production systems for Africa?s drylandsPlace,Frank M.; Garrity,Dennis Philip; Mohan,Sid; Agostini,Paola2016/08
7802Prevalence, economic contribution, and determinants of trees on farms across Sub-Saharan AfricaMiller,Daniel Charles; Munoz Mora,Juan Carlos; Christiaensen,Luc2016/08
108023Integrated landscape approaches for Africa?s drylandsGray, Erin; Henninger,Norbert Eugen; Reij, Chris; Winterbottom, Robert; Agostini,Paola2016/08
108022Improved agricultural water management for Africa?s drylandsWard,Christopher S.; Torquebiau,Raphael; Xie, Hua2016/08
7789Who uses electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa ? findings from household surveysKojima,Masami; Zhou,Xin; Han,Jeesun; De Wit,Joerie Frederik; Bacon,Robert W.; Trimble,Christopher Philip2016/08
7788Financial viability of electricity sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa : quasi-fiscal deficits and hidden costsTrimble,Christopher Philip; Kojima,Masami; Perez Arroyo,Ines; Mohammadzadeh,Farah2016/08
107854Social protection programs for Africa?s drylandsDel Ninno,Carlo; Coll-Black,Sarah; Fallavier,Pierre Yves2016/08
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