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96040Enhancing the climate resilience of Africa's infrastructure : the power and water sectorsCervigni,Raffaello; Liden,Mats Johan Rikard; Neumann,James L.; Strzepek, Kenneth M.2015/09
97932Where have all the textbooks gone? : Toward sustainable provision of teaching and learning materials in Sub-Saharan AfricaRead, Tony2015/07
7337The consumption, income, and wealth of the poorest: cross-sectional facts of rural and urban Sub-Saharan Africa for macroeconomistsDe Magalhaes,Leandro; Santaeulalia-Llopis,Raul2015/06
7331Women left behind ? poverty and headship in AfricaMilazzo,Annamaria; Van De Walle,Dominique2015/06
7298Do capital inflows boost growth in developing countries ? evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaCalderon,Cesar; Nguyen,Ha Minh2015/06
7282How much of the labor in African agriculture is provided by women ?Palacios-Lopez,Amparo; Christiaensen,Luc; Kilic,Talip2015/06
7285Smallholders? land ownership and access in Sub-Saharan Africa: a new landscape ?Deininger,Klaus W.; Xia,Fang; Savastano,Sara2015/06
7281Agriculture production and transport infrastructure in east Africa : an application of spatial autoregressionIimi,Atsushi; You,Liangzhi; Wood-Sichra,Ulrike; Humphrey,Richard Martin2015/06
96997The Africa competitiveness report 2015Bah, El-hadj M.; Conde, Carlos; Di Battista, Attilio; Hanouz, Margareta Drzeniek; Galvan, Caroline; Heinrigs, Philipp; Hoffman,Barak Daniel; Mckenna,Jonathan Miles; Moyo, Jennifer Mbabazi; O'Sullivan, Anthony; Saez,Juan Sebastian; Speakman,John F.; Verdier-Chouchane, Audrey2015/06
96468Getting textbooks to every child in Sub-Saharan Africa : strategies for addressing the high cost and low availability problemFredriksen,Birger J.; Brar,Sukhdeep; Trucano,Michael2015/05
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