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7843Intergenerational education mobility in Africa : has progress been inclusive ?Azomahou,Theophile T.; Yitbarek,Eleni Abraham2016/09
7842Dynamic relationship between corruption and youth unemployment : empirical evidences from a system GMM approachBouzid,Bechir Naier2016/09
7841Is predicted data a viable alternative to real data ?Fujii,Tomoki; Van Der Weide,Roy2016/09
7840Citizen engagement in rulemaking -- evidence on regulatory practices in 185 countriesJohns,Melissa Marie; Saltane,Valentina2016/09
7839Poor households' productive investments of cash transfers : quasi-experimental evidence from NigerStoeffler,Quentin; Mills,Bradford F.; Premand,Patrick2016/09
7838When the cat's away : the effects of spousal migration on investments on childrenLucia,Rizzica2016/09
7837Economic premise -- managing (fiscally) resource windfalls : exploring policy options for the Democratic Republic of CongoPinto Moreira,Emmanuel2016/09
7836Constructing robust poverty trends in the Islamic Republic of Iran : 2008-14Atamanov,Aziz; Mostafavi,Mohammad-Hadi; Salehi Isfahani,Djavad; Vishwanath,Tara2016/09
7835Deepening without broadening ? jobs in Ghana's private sectorFrancis,David C.; Honorati,Maddalena2016/09
7834Training teachers on the job : what works and how to measure itPopova,Anna; Evans,David; Arancibia,Violeta2016/09
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