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8271Man vs. machine in predicting successful entrepreneurs : evidence from a business plan competition in NigeriaMckenzie,David J.; Sansone,Dario2017/12
8270Mission and the bottom line : performance incentives in a multi-goal organizationGine,Xavier; Mansuri,Ghazala; Shrestha,Slesh Anand2017/12
8269Appraisal econometrics for proposed transport corridors : optimal placement, intervention design, and wider economic benefitsMelecky,Martin2017/12
8268Capital and labor : the factor income composition of top incomes in the United States, 1962-2006Atkinson,Anthony B.; Lakner,Christoph2017/12
8267The whys of social exclusion : insights from behavioral economicsHoff,Karla; Walsh,James Sonam2017/12
7570Building a competitive city through innovation and global knowledge : the case of Sino-Singapore Suzhou industrial parkZeng,Zhihua2017/12
8265Change management that works : making impacts in challenging environmentsHughes,Caroline Sian; So,Sokbunthoeun; Ariadharma,Erwin; April,Leah2017/12
8264Double for nothing ? experimental evidence on an unconditional teacher salary increase in IndonesiaDe Ree,Joppe Jaitze; Muralidharan,Karthik; Pradhan,Menno Prasad; Rogers,F. Halsey2017/12
8263Association of World Bank policy lending with social development policies and institutionsBogetic,Zeljko; Smets,Lodewijk2017/11
8262The internet and Chinese exports in the pre-Alibaba eraFernandes,Ana Margarida; Mattoo,Aaditya; Nguyen,Huy Le; Schiffbauer,Marc Tobias2017/11
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