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7276Doing the survey two-step : the effects of reticence on estimates of corruption in two-stage survey questionsKaralashvili,Nona; Kraay,Aart C.; Murrell,Peter2015/05
7270Poverty dynamics in India between 2004 and 2012 : insights from longitudinal analysis using synthetic panel dataDang,Hai-Anh H.; Lanjouw,Peter F.2015/05
7261Was Weber right ? the effects of pay for ability and pay for performance on pro-social motivation, ability and effort in the public sectorBanuri,Sheheryar; Keefer,Philip E.2015/05
7257You are what (and where) you eat : capturing food away from home in welfare measuresFarfan,Gabriela; Genoni,Maria Eugenia; Vakis,Renos2015/05
7245Good countries or good projects ? comparing macro and micro correlates of World Bank and Asian Development Bank project performanceBulman,David Janoff; Kolkma,Walter; Kraay,Aart C.2015/04
7241Are women less productive farmers ? how markets and risk affect fertilizer use, productivity, and measured gender effects in UgandaLarson,Donald F.; Savastano,Sara; Murray,Siobhan; Palacios-Lopez,Amparo2015/04
7242Trade agreements and enforcement : evidence from WTO dispute settlementBown,Chad P.; Reynolds,Kara Marie2015/04
7215Using lotteries to incentivize safer sexual behavior : evidence from a randomized controlled trial on HIV preventionNyqvist,Martina Bj�rkman; Corno,Lucia; De Walque,Damien B. C. M.; Svensson,Jakob2015/03
7200Drinking water salinity and infant mortality in coastal BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Huq, Mainul; Wheeler, David2015/02
7174Estimating parameters and structural change in CGE models using a Bayesian cross-entropy estimation approachGo, Delfin S.; Lofgren, Hans; Mendez Ramos, Fabian; Robinson, Sherman2015/01
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