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7669Will digital technologies transform agriculture in developing countries ?Deichmann,Uwe; Goyal,Aparajita; Mishra,Deepak K.2016/05
7657Does e-government improve government capacity ? evidence from tax administration and public procurementKochanova,Anna; Hasnain,Zahid; Larson,Bradley Robert2016/04
7628Global migration revisited : short-term pains, long-term gains, and the potential of south-south migrationAhmed, S. Amer; Go,Delfin Sia; Willenbockel,Dirk Andreas2016/04
7606Estimating international poverty lines from comparable national thresholdsJolliffe,Dean Mitchell; Prydz,Espen Beer2016/03
7551Managing food price volatility in a large open country : the case of wheat in IndiaGouel,Christophe; Gautam,Madhur; Martin,William J.2016/02
7492The role of imports for exporter performance in PeruPierola Castro,Martha D.; Fernandes,Ana Margarida; Farolec,Thomas2015/11
7452Exporter behavior, country size and stage of development : evidence from the exporter dynamics databaseFernandes,Ana Margarida; Freund,Caroline; Pierola Castro,Martha D.2015/10
7438A product space perspective on structural change in MoroccoOsorio-Rodarte,Israel; Lofgren,Hans2015/10
7405Business practices in small firms in developing countriesMckenzie,David J.; Woodruff,Christopher M.2015/08
7389Impact of property rights reform to support China?s rural-urban integration : village-level evidence from the Chengdu national experimentDeininger,Klaus W.; Jin,Songqing; Liu,Shouying; Shao,Ting; Xia,Fang2015/08
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