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8345Water when it counts : reducing scarcity through irrigation monitoring in Central MozambiqueChristian,Paul J.; Kondylis,Florence; Mueller,Valerie Martina; Zwager,Astrid Maria Theresia; Siegfried,Tobias2018/02
8333Cash transfers increase trust in local governmentEvans,David; Holtemeyer,Brian; Kosec,Katrina L.2018/02
8321Using satellite imagery to assess impacts of soil and water conservation measures : evidence from Ethiopia's Tana-Beles WatershedAli,Daniel Ayalew; Deininger,Klaus W.; Monchuk,Daniel C.2018/01
8313The impact of social mobilization on health service delivery and health outcomes : evidence from rural PakistanGine,Xavier; Khalid,Salma; Mansuri,Ghazala2018/01
8290Preschool and child development under extreme poverty : evidence from a randomized experiment in rural MozambiqueMartinez,Sebastian; Naudeau,Sophie; Pereira,Vitor Azevedo2017/12
8283Increasing the sustainability of rural water service: findings from the impact evaluation baseline survey in NicaraguaBorja-Vega,Christian; Gruber,Joshua Sean; Spevack,Alexander Matthew2017/12
8279The profits of wisdom : the impacts of a business support program in TanzaniaBardasi,Elena; Gassier,Marine; Goldstein,Markus P.; Holla,Alaka2017/12
8276Are psychometric tools a viable screening method for small and medium-size enterprise lending ? evidence from PeruArraiz,Irani; Ruiz Ortega,Claudia; Stucchi,Rodolfo Mario; Bruhn,Miriam; Arraiz,Irani; Bruhn,Miriam; Ruiz Ortega,Claudia; Stucchi,Rodolfo Mario2017/12
8275The impact of hurricane strikes on short-term local economic activity : evidence from nightlight images in the Dominican RepublicIshizawa Escudero,Oscar Anil; Miranda Montero,Juan Jose; Strobl,Eric2017/12
8261Teaching with the test : experimental evidence on diagnostic feedback and capacity building for public schools in ArgentinaDe Hoyos Navarro,Rafael E.; Ganimian,Alejandro Jorge; Holland,Peter Anthony2017/11
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