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4292Assessment of the economic impacts of climate change on agriculture in Zimbabwe : a ricardian approachMano, Reneth; Nhemachena, Charles2007/07
3964Income diversification in Zimbabwe : welfare implications from urban and rural areasErsado, Lire2006/07
3112On the timing of marriage, cattle, and weather shocks in rural ZimbabweHoogeveen, Johannes; Van der Klaauw, Bas; Van Lomwel, Gijsbert2003/08
3039Scaling up community-driven development : theoretical underpinnings and program design implicationsBinswanger, Hans P.; Aiyar, Swaminathan2003/03
30412The World Bank research observer 17 (2)Dercon, Stefan; Rama, Martin; Saggi, Kamal; Gisselquist, David; Nash, John; Pray, Carl; Mackinnon, John; Reinikka, Ritva; Devarajan, Shantayanan [editor]2002/09
2811The epidemiological impact of an HIV/AIDS vaccine in developing countriesStover, John; Garnett, Geoff P.; Seitz, Steve; Forsythe, Steven2002/03
21716The World Bank economic review 14 (3)Loayza, Norman; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus; Serven, Luis; Elbadawi, Ibrahim A.; Mwega, Francis M.; Denizer, Cevdet; Wolf, Holger C.; Montiel, Peter J.; Rodrik, Dani; Aron, Janine; Muellbauer, John; Kraay, Aart; Shankar, Rashmi; Beck, Thorsten; Demirguc-Kunt, Asl'; Levine, Ross2000/09
2175Sector growth and the dual economy model - evidence from Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, and ZimbabweVerner, Dorte; Blunch, Niels-Hugo; Blunch,Niels-Hugo; Verner,Dorte1999/09
2101Are wages and productivity in Zimbabwe affected by human capital investment and international trade?Verner, Dorte; Verner,Dorte1999/04
2062Does financial reform increase or reduce savings?Bandiera, Oriana; Caprio, Gerard; Honohan, Patrick; Schiantarelli, Fabio1999/02
[1] 23
Display Result in sets of: 102050