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5210The short-term impact of higher food prices on poverty in UgandaSimler, Kenneth R.2010/02
4966Identifying spatial efficiency-equity tradeoffs in territorial development policies : evidence from UgandaLall, Somik V.; Schroeder, Elizabeth; Schmidt, Emily2009/06
4847No more cutting class ? reducing teacher absence and providing incentives for performanceRogers, F. Halsey; Vegas, Emiliana2009/02
4679Exploring the links between HIV/AIDS, social capital, and developmentDavid, Antonio C.; Li, Carmen A.2008/07
4407Bank privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa : the case of Uganda commercial bankClarke, George R.G.; Cull, Robert; Fuchs, Michael2007/11
4310Do overlapping property rights reduce agricultural investment ? evidence from UgandaDeininger, Klaus; Ali, Daniel Ayalew2007/08
4268Power to the people : evidence from a randomized field experiment of a community-based monitoring project in UgandaBjorkman, Martina; Svensson, Jakob2007/06
4091An assessment of reform options for the public service pension fund in UgandaBogomolova, Tatiana; Impavido, Gregorio; Pallares-Miralles, Montserrat2006/12
4088The impact of commodity price changes on rural households : the case of coffee in UgandaBussolo, Maurizio; Godart, Olivier; Lay, Jann; Thiele, Rainer2006/12
4027Bank efficiency, ownership, and market structure : why are interest spreads so high in Uganda ?Beck, Thorsten; Hesse, Heiko2006/10
[1] 2345
Display Result in sets of: 102050