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5087The dynamic effects of countercyclical fiscal stimulus on output in TunisiaDiop, Ndiame; Ben Abdallah, Nizar2009/10
4893Stockpiles of obsolete pesticides and cleanup priorities : a methodology and application for TunisiaDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Wheeler, David2009/04
3857Trade liberalization, factor market flexibility, and growth : the case of Morocco and TunisiaDennis, Allen2006/03
3193Quantifying the impact of services liberalization in a developing countryKonan, Denise Eby; Maskus, Keith E.2003/01
2874Risks and macroeconomic impacts of HIV/AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa : why waiting to intervene can be costlyRobalino, David A.; Jenkins, Carol; El Maroufi, Karim2002/08
2527Is inequality bad for business : a non-linear microeconomic model of wealth effects on self-employmentRavallion, Martin; Mesnard, Alice; Mesnard, Alice*Ravallion, Martin2001/01
2474Exports and information spilloversOlarreaga, Marcelo; Nicita, Alessandro; Nicita,Alessandro; Olarreaga,Marcelo2000/11
2215Implementation of Ururguay Round commitments : the development challengeFinger, Michael J.; Schuler, Philip1999/10
17528The World Bank research observer 13 (1)Schick, Allen; Vincent, Jeffrey R.; Hyde, William F.; Chomitz, Kenneth M.; Gill, Indermit S.; Klugman, Jeni; Dar, Amit; Rama, Martin; Braithwaite, Jeanine; Bale, Malcolm; Dale, Tony; Gillis, Malcolm; Kumari, Kanata; Posner, Richard A.; Bale,Malcolm D.; Braithwaite,Jeanine; Chomitz,Kenneth M.; Dale, Tony; Dar,Amit; Gill,Indermit S.; Gillis, Malcolm; Hyde,William F.; Klugman,Jeni G.; Kumari, Kanata; Posner, Richard A.; Rama,Martin G.; Schick,Allen; Vincent,Jeffrey R.1998/02
1598Logistical constraints on international trade in the MaghrebSalama, Ovadia; Amiot, Francois; Amiot, Francois*Salama, Ovadia1996/05
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