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7216The international bank lending channel of monetary policy rates and quantitative easing : credit supply, reach-for-yield, and real effectsMorais,Bernardo; Peydr�,Jos�-Luis; Ruiz Ortega,Claudia2015/03
7165Living on the edge : vulnerability to poverty and public transfers in Mexicode la Fuente, Alejandro; Ortiz-Juarez, Eduardo; Rodriguez-Castelan, Carlos2015/01
7155The rise of China and labor market adjustments in Latin AmericaArtuc, Erhan; Lederman, Daniel; Rojas, Diego2015/01
7083Dropout in upper secondary education in Mexico : patterns, consequences and possible causesBentaouet Kattan, Raja ; Szekely, Miguel2014/11
6978Evolving wage cyclicality in Latin AmericaMessina, Julian; Gambetti, Luca2014/07
6935Income inequality and violent crime : evidence from Mexico's drug warEnamorado, Ted; Lopez-Calva , Luis-Felipe; Rodriguez-Castelan, Carlos; Winkler, Hernan2014/06
6902Financial (dis-)information : evidence from an audit study in MexicoGine, Xavier; Martinez Cuellar, Cristina; Mazer, Rafael Keenan 2014/06
6872Analyzing urban systems : have megacities become too large ?Desmet, Klaus; Rossi-Hansberg, Esteban2014/05
6864Income and energy consumption in Mexican householdsRodriguez-Oreggia, Eduardo; Yepez-Garcia, Rigoberto2014/05
6836Voter response to natural disaster aid : quasi-experimental evidence from drought relief payments in MexicoFuchs, Alan; Rodriguez-Chamussy, Lourdes2014/04
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