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8043Stronger together : intra-household cooperation and household welfare in MalawiMccarthy,Nancy; Kilic,Talip2017/04
7943Gender-differentiated impacts of tenure insecurity on agricultural performance in Malawi's customary tenure systemsDeininger,Klaus W.; Xia,Fang; Holden,Stein Terje2017/01
7817Combining preschool teacher training with parenting education : a cluster-randomized controlled trialOzler,Berk; Fernald,Lia C. H.; Kariger,Patricia Karol; Mcconnell,Christin; Neuman,Michelle J.; Pinheiro Fraga,Eduardo2016/09
7807Savings defaults and payment delays for cash transfers: field experimental evidence from MalawiBrune,Lasse Florian; Gine,Xavier; Goldberg,Jessica Ann; Yang,Dean2016/08
7769Vulnerability to Poverty in rural MalawiMccarthy,Nancy; Brubaker,Josh; De La Fuente,Alejandro2016/07
7689Are gender differences in performance innate or socially mediated ?Benyishay,Ariel; Jones,Maria Ruth; Kondylis,Florence; Mobarak,Ahmed Mushfiq2016/05
7505Direct and indirect effects of Malawi?s public works program on food securityBeegle,Kathleen G.; Galasso,Emanuela; Goldberg,Jessica Ann2015/12
7337The consumption, income, and wealth of the poorest: cross-sectional facts of rural and urban Sub-Saharan Africa for macroeconomistsDe Magalhaes,Leandro; Santaeulalia-Llopis,Raul2015/06
7300Market imperfections exacerbate the gender gap: the case of MalawiPalacios-Lopez,Amparo; L�pez,Ram�n2015/06
7282How much of the labor in African agriculture is provided by women ?Palacios-Lopez,Amparo; Christiaensen,Luc; Kilic,Talip2015/06
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