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6741What explains Rwanda's drop in fertility between 2005 and 2010 ?Bundervoet, Tom2014/01
5190Paying primary health care centers for performance in RwandaBasinga, Paulin; Gertler, Paul J.; Binagwaho, Agnes; Soucat, Agnes L.B.; Sturdy, Jennifer R.; Vermeersch, Christel M.J.2010/01
4958Scaling up aid or scaling down : the global economic crisis and Rwanda's MDGsLofgren, Hans; Nielsen, Hannah; Ezemenari, Kene2009/06
4850The demographic and socio-economic distribution of excess mortality during the 1994 genocide in Rwandade Walque, Damien; Verwimp, Philip2009/03
4606Armed conflict and schooling : evidence from the 1994 Rwandan genocideAkresh, Richard; de Walque, Damien2008/04
4566Reading tealeaves on the potential impact of the privatization of tea estates in RwandaEssama-Nssah, B.; Ezemenari, Kene; Korman, Vijdan2008/03
4552Productivity growth and economic reform : evidence from RwandaCoulibaly, Kalamogo; Ezemenari, Kene; Duffy, Neal2008/03
4541The fiscal impact of foreign aid in Rwanda : a theoretical and empirical analysisEzemenari, Kene; Kebede, Ephraim; Lahiri, Sajal2008/02
4208Civil war, crop failure, and child stunting in RwandaAkresh, Richard; Verwimp, Philip; Bundervoet, Tom2007/04
3784Trade costs, export development, and poverty in RwandaDiop, Ndiame; Brenton, Paul; Asarkaya, Yakup2005/12
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Display Result in sets of: 102050