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5921Educational upgrading and returns to skills in Latin America : evidence from a supply-demand framework, 1990-2010Gasparini, Leonardo; Galiani, Sebastian; Cruces, Guillermo; Acosta, Pablo2011/12
5265Aid for trade, infrastructure, and the growth effects of trade reform : issues and implications for Caribbean countriesMoreira, Emmanuel Pinto2010/04
4888Informality in Latin America and the CaribbeanLoayza, Norman V.; Serven, Luis; Sugawara, Naotaka2009/03
4834Foreign informational lobbying can enhance tourism : evidence from the CaribbeanGawande, Kishore; Maloney, William; Montes Rojas, Gabriel V.2009/02
4734The growth of transport cector CO2 emissions and underlying factors in Latin America and the CaribbeanTimilsina, Govinda R.; Shrestha, Ashish2008/09
4640Oil intensities and oil prices : evidence for Latin AmericaAlaimo, Veronica; Lopez, Humberto2008/06
4639The social discount rate : estimates for nine Latin American countriesLopez, Humberto2008/06
4490Risk sharing opportunities and macroeconomic factors in Latin American and Caribbean countries : A consumption insurance assessmentVentura, Luigi2008/01
4380Assessing the governance of electricity regulatory agencies in the Latin American and the Caribbean region : a benchmarking analysisAndres, Luis; Guasch, Jose Luis; Diop, Makhtar; Azumendi, Sebastian Lopez2007/11
4275Can foreign lobbying enhance development ? The case of tourism in the CaribbeanGawande, Kishore; Maloney, William; Rojas, Gabriel V. Montes2007/07
Display Result in sets of: 102050