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7309Extending the school day in Latin America and the CaribbeanHolland,Peter Anthony; Alfaro,Pablo; Evans,David2015/06
7169Connectivity for Caribbean countries : an initial assessmentBriceno-Garmendia, Cecilia; Bofinger, Heinrich C.; Cubas, Diana; Millan-Placci, Maria Florencia2015/01
83498Emerging issues in financial development : lessons from Latin AmericaDidier, Tatiana; Schmukler, Sergio L.; Anginer, Deniz; Auqui, Martin; Calderon, Cesar; Ceballos, Francisco; Cortes, Mariano; De la Torre, Augusto; D'Hulster, Katia; Dijkman, Miquel; Feyen, Erik; Gutierrez, Eva; Heysen, Socorro; Ize, Alain; Levy-Yeyati, Eduardo; Peria, Maria Soledad Martinez; Raddatz, Claudio; Seelig, Steven A.; Serven, Luis; Williams, Thomas2013/12
6680Benchmarking container port technical efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean : a stochastic frontier analysisSarriera, Javier Morales; Araya, Gonzalo; Serebrisky, Tomas; Briceno-Garmendia, Cecilia M.; Schwartz, Jordan2013/10
6582Financial development in Latin America and the Caribbean : stylized facts and the road aheadDidier, Tatiana; Schmukler, Sergio L.2013/08
6559Do infrastructure reforms reduce the effect of corruption ? theory and evidence from Latin America and the CaribbeanWren-Lewis, Liam2013/08
6413Export entrepreneurship and trade structure in Latin America during good and bad timesFernandes, Ana M.; Lederman, Daniel; Gutierrez-Rocha, Mario2013/04
5941Systemic oversight frameworks in LAC : current practices and reform agendaGutierrez, Eva; Caraballo, Patricia2012/01
5921Educational upgrading and returns to skills in Latin America : evidence from a supply-demand framework, 1990-2010Gasparini, Leonardo; Galiani, Sebastian; Cruces, Guillermo; Acosta, Pablo2011/12
5874Is there such thing as middle class values ? Class differences, values and political orientations in Latin AmericaLopez-Calva, Luis F.; Rigolini, Jamele; Torche, Florencia2011/11
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