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7309Extending the school day in Latin America and the CaribbeanHolland,Peter Anthony; Alfaro,Pablo; Evans,David2015/06
7223Analyzing the dynamics of school dropout in upper secondary education in Latin America : a cohort approachBentaouet Kattan,Raja; Sz�kely,Miguel2015/03
7190The changing patterns of financial integration in Latin AmericaDidier, Tatiana; Moretti, Matias; Schmukler, Sergio L.2015/02
7162OECS ports : an efficiency and performance assessmentCubas, Diana; Briceno-Garmendia, Cecilia; Bofinger, Heinrich C.2015/01
7153Long-run effects of democracy on income inequality : evidence from repeated cross-sectionsBalcazar, Carlos Felipe2015/01
7146Inequality stagnation in Latin America in the aftermath of the global financial crisisCord, Louise; Barriga Cabanillas, Oscar; Lucchetti, Leonardo; Rodriguez-Castelan, Carlos; Sousa, Liliana D.; Valderrama, Daniel2014/12
7144Export shocks and the volatility of returns to schooling : evidence from twelve Latin American economiesLederman, Daniel; Rojas, Diego2014/12
7129Party age and party color : new results on the political economy of redistribution and inequalityKeefer, Philip; Milanovic, Branko2014/12
7091Protected areas and deforestation : new results from high resolution panel dataBlankespoor, Brian; Dasgupta, Susmita; Wheeler, David2014/11
6978Evolving wage cyclicality in Latin AmericaMessina, Julian; Gambetti, Luca2014/07
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