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7660Poverty and shared prosperity implications of deep integration in Eastern and Southern AfricaBalistreri,Edward Jay; Maliszewska,Maryla; Osorio-Rodarte,Israel; Tarr,David; Yonezawa,Hidemichi2016/05
7652Prices for poverty analysis in AfricaGaddis,Isis2016/04
7641Is living in African cities expensive ?Nakamura,Shohei; Harati,Rawaa; Lall,Somik V.; Dikhanov,Yuri M.; Hamadeh,Nada; Vigil Oliver,William; Rissanen,Marko Olavi; Yamanaka,Mizuki2016/04
7583The price is not always right : on the impacts of commodity prices on households (and countries)Lederman,Daniel; Porto,Guido2016/02
7559Financial channels, property rights, and poverty : a Sub-Saharan African perspectiveSingh,Raju; Huang,Yifei2016/02
7557The distribution of consumption expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa : the inequality among all AfricansJirasavetakul,La-Bhus Fah; Lakner,Christoph2016/02
7539Price seasonality in Africa : measurement and extentGilbert,Christopher L.; Christiaensen,Luc; Kaminski,Jonathan2016/01
7523Debt sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa : unraveling country-specific risksBattaile,William G.; Hernandez,Fernando Leonardo; Norambuena,Vivian2015/12
7517Forced displacement and refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa : an economic inquiryVerwimp,Philip; Maystadt,Jean-Francois2015/12
7503Breaking the metal ceiling : female entrepreneurs who succeed in male-dominated sectorsCampos,Francisco Moraes Leitao; Goldstein,Markus P.; Mcgorman,Laura; Munoz Boudet,Ana Maria; Pimhidzai,Obert2015/12
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